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20:00:46 <pwhalen> good day all
20:00:49 <bconoboy> howdy
20:00:52 <pwhalen> .fas pwhalen
20:00:52 <zodbot> pwhalen: pwhalen 'Paul Whalen' <pwhalen@redhat.com>
20:01:00 * pbrobinson waves sleepily
20:01:01 <dmarlin> .fas dmarlin
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20:01:25 <ahs3> .fas ahs3
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20:02:12 <pwhalen> #topic 1) F18/19 build status - problem packages?
20:02:33 * masta waves
20:02:57 <rsc> ehm, this is ARM related?
20:03:25 <bconoboy> rsc: y
20:03:33 <rsc> .fas Robert Scheck
20:03:33 <zodbot> rsc: robert 'Robert Scheck' <redhat@linuxnetz.de>
20:03:35 <pwhalen> #info Latest compare stats - F19 - missing 1505, f18 Missing 380
20:03:42 <bconoboy> pbrobinson: what's up with f19?
20:03:51 <bconoboy> 1505 and 380 are both really high
20:04:00 <pbrobinson> it's moving a long, slowly
20:04:15 <bconoboy> we were under 1500 last week
20:04:31 <bconoboy> is this lack of builders, slowness on the koji server, downtime, something else?
20:04:32 <pbrobinson> well we were somewhere between 1400 and 1500
20:04:57 <pbrobinson> I fixed an issue yesterday with libzip that was blocking a lot so it should start to come back down again
20:05:16 <pbrobinson> it was blocking php which in turn blocked anything that had bindings
20:05:20 <bconoboy> that's for f19?
20:05:39 <pwhalen> #info last week - F19 missing was 1409
20:05:43 <pbrobinson> that was for f18 and 19, but 19 was more affected
20:06:06 <bconoboy> ah, so we shoudl expect that 380 to creep down again too
20:06:07 <pbrobinson> and it had been broken there for a couple of weeks without me really notcing
20:06:12 <pbrobinson> yep
20:06:19 <pbrobinson> and it already has been today
20:06:40 <bconoboy> any other big blockers?
20:06:52 * pbrobinson is just looking
20:07:44 <pbrobinson> pacemaker was fixed a couple of hours ago which was blocking stuff on f19 too
20:08:19 <pbrobinson> kde has needed a little hand holding but it goes through that phase on occasion
20:09:36 <pwhalen> any other packages we should be looking at?
20:10:02 <pbrobinson> nothing that's not already on the list
20:10:07 <pwhalen> #topic 2) Fedora 18 ARM TC1 VFAD - results summary
20:10:30 <pwhalen> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Architectures/ARM/Quality_Assurance/2012-10-15-VFAD-Fedora_18_Test_Day#Overall_Test_Results_and_Board_Assignment
20:10:47 <masta> got DT working mostly
20:11:10 <dmarlin> masta: did you post the steps and status somewhere?
20:11:17 <pwhalen> all images that were produced by dmarlin worked, the exception being the xfce vexpress image had some missing packages. once added it worked
20:11:31 <pbrobinson> got a link to the images?
20:11:32 <masta> may need to update the wiki with more detail
20:11:43 <dmarlin> masta: please
20:11:44 <bconoboy> masta: what's mostly?
20:11:59 <pwhalen> also worked on testing the latest kernels, all is well there save for the highbank kernel which is being looked at
20:12:09 <pwhalen> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Architectures/ARM/Quality_Assurance/Kernel_Testing#kernel-3.6.1-1.fc18
20:12:40 <pwhalen> #info F18 TC1 images - http://scotland.proximity.on.ca/arm-nightlies/vault/f18-prealpha/
20:12:44 <masta> note im slow typing on mobile phone. at pony show in tx state fair
20:13:02 <pbrobinson> neigh?
20:13:26 <pwhalen> and masta was successful testing DT
20:13:30 <masta> bconoboy.... well panda works well
20:13:31 <pwhalen> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Architectures/ARM/Quality_Assurance/Device_Tree_testing#kernel-3.6.1-2.fc18
20:13:46 * jsmith joins late, sorry
20:14:16 <masta> does uboot loading with 2012-10 uboot
20:14:36 <masta> tegra only does appended
20:14:55 <dmarlin> we need a better u-boot for tegra
20:15:33 <pwhalen> masta, were you successful at loading the dtb through uboot?
20:15:39 <masta> and so far able to boot trimslice on latest uboot with dt, but only mmc... no sda
20:15:47 <pbrobinson> bconoboy: were you communicating with compulabs at some point about the trimslice and its uboot?
20:16:23 <bconoboy> pbrobinson: y
20:16:49 <masta> trimslice only appended. panda both loaded and append.... but loading only with latest 2012-10
20:17:09 <bconoboy> On my trimslice the old uboot with appended dtb works.  new uboot with appended dtb can't find sda.
20:17:22 <masta> we should bring the f19 uboot into f18
20:17:34 <dmarlin> aby eta on 2012-10 in koji ?
20:17:36 <dmarlin> any
20:17:45 * pbrobinson looks
20:17:57 <bconoboy> On trimslice with new uboot, loading the dtb separately does not working
20:17:57 <pwhalen> dgilmore did a scratch build of it
20:18:28 <dmarlin> bconoboy: is it _supposed_ to work (accept the third load address) ?
20:19:27 <pbrobinson> it's missing some dep, I'll need to poke later
20:19:36 <dmarlin> pbrobinson: thank you
20:19:47 <pwhalen> #link Latest u-boot - http://arm.koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=1186310
20:19:58 <bconoboy> dmarlin: yes, loading the dtb is supposed to work in the new trimslice uboot
20:20:18 <dmarlin> bconoboy: ok, so maybe it's close
20:20:44 <dmarlin> bconoboy: do you have any recent feedback from compulabs?
20:21:04 <bconoboy> dmarlin: no.  I'll send some private email since the forum request didn't seem to help.
20:21:12 <dmarlin> bconoboy: thanks
20:21:30 <pwhalen> ok, shall we move on to our alpha?
20:21:49 <dmarlin> bconoboy: tell them "Panda has it working."    :)
20:22:40 <pwhalen> #topic 3) F18 ARM Alpha release
20:23:46 <pwhalen> from the test images we were using last week, I do believe we're close to releasing the alpha. Current blockers being the highbank kernel
20:23:56 <pwhalen> *this week
20:24:16 <dmarlin> pwhalen: xfce on panda?
20:24:46 <dmarlin> pwhalen: selinux switching from permissive to enforcing?
20:24:49 <pwhalen> not sure where we stand on that, masta?
20:24:52 * pbrobinson will look at highbank kernel issues tomorrow
20:25:26 <dmarlin> pbrobinson: jonmasters is looking into it this evening, so please coordinate with him
20:25:28 <pwhalen> dmarlin, I think we have a potential workaround the labeling
20:25:46 <dmarlin> pwhalen: yes, but it would be nice to know what broke it
20:25:47 <masta> still looking at xfce panda... hope to know by tonight
20:25:53 <pwhalen> very
20:25:58 <pbrobinson> dmarlin: I thought it was the same two issues as before so I just need to do a couple of things
20:26:01 <dmarlin> pwhalen: the kickstart settings are being ignored or overridden
20:26:19 <pbrobinson> unless there's yet another issue
20:26:39 <dmarlin> pbrobinson: jonmasters was going to do a scratch build with Rob's and Russel's patches
20:27:03 <dmarlin> pbrobinson: we also need to verify the sata3 patch is being applied... was not in 3.6.1-1
20:27:19 <pbrobinson> dmarlin: I fixed that I believe
20:27:25 <pbrobinson> locally that is
20:27:45 <dmarlin> pbrobinson: as soon as we have a scratch build with all those, we can test
20:28:09 <pwhalen> perhaps we aim to release an alpha next week, depending on resolution of those issues 1) Highbank kernel 2) xfce testing on the Panda (fix if needed) 3) SE Linux settings being ignored
20:28:32 <dmarlin> +1
20:29:04 <bconoboy> +1
20:29:13 <masta> +1
20:29:13 <pwhalen> anyone have a potential disagreement?
20:29:28 <pbrobinson> so lets aim for a Tues release as per normal then
20:29:30 <dmarlin> or any blockers we've missed?
20:30:36 <dmarlin> sounds like a plan then.   :)
20:30:54 <pwhalen> #agreed Release F18 ARM Alpha, Tuesday October 23rd dependent on resolution of - 1) Highbank kernel panic 2) xfce testing on the Panda (fix if needed) 3) SE Linux settings being ignored in the kickstart
20:31:00 <pbrobinson> documentation of the build process with koji and the kickstarts being pushed to the spins-kickstart repo
20:31:33 <pwhalen> dmarlin, have you had a chance to push them?
20:31:49 <dmarlin> pwhalen: sorry, push what?
20:32:08 <pwhalen> the kickstarts we've been using
20:32:14 <pbrobinson> updated ks files to the spins-kickstart repo
20:32:32 <dmarlin> pwhalen: no, I have not split them up like the spins kickstarts (using includes)
20:32:57 <masta> snipits
20:32:59 * jonmasters is indeed going to look at highbank
20:33:01 <jonmasters> three patches are required for sure - rmk's work in progress, rob's work in progress, and SATA (which yea, should be ok now). I'll update later.
20:33:01 <pwhalen> can we push them as is?
20:33:06 <jonmasters> [sorry for sidetrack]
20:33:10 <dmarlin> pwhalen: once we have functional xpfa versios I can push what I have (anywhere we want)
20:33:28 <pbrobinson> we need to do it the way spins to as much as possible
20:33:44 <dmarlin> pbrobinson: that will require some rework
20:34:01 <dmarlin> pbrobinson: currently we have monolithic kickstart files
20:35:08 <dmarlin> pbrobinson: I can look into this, but it will take some time
20:35:09 * jonmasters is laggy, in a meeting
20:35:17 <pwhalen> perhaps we aim to have that done for the beta, and not block on alpha?
20:35:41 <dmarlin> ok by me
20:35:52 <masta> oh is the kickstart a blocker?
20:36:07 <dmarlin> that's the question
20:36:51 <pbrobinson> I believe it should be based on mainline
20:37:31 <dmarlin> that might be tight if we're shooting for a tuesday release, unless someone else has time to work it...
20:37:36 <dmarlin> I will be out for a couple of days
20:38:45 <pwhalen> consensus?
20:39:02 <pbrobinson> well at least publish them somewhere so someone can
20:39:19 <dmarlin> the first ones are on the wiki
20:39:23 <masta> where are the current ks files?
20:39:36 <dmarlin> I will add the xfce ones as soon as they are complete (tested)
20:40:15 <dmarlin> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Architectures/ARM/Installer
20:40:16 <pbrobinson> well the xfce should be a single line of @xfce-desktop
20:40:20 <masta> ill look at the problem. kinda scared to say ill get it done by alpha
20:40:28 <dmarlin> pbrobinson: it's not
20:40:51 <dmarlin> masta: same here... just not enough hours between now and then
20:41:17 <pbrobinson> can someone put links on an email to the list
20:41:24 <dmarlin> sure
20:41:26 <pbrobinson> I'll lose them in the IRC.
20:41:36 <pbrobinson> then we can move on so I can go to sleep
20:41:40 <pwhalen> so I think its a nice to have, perhaps a requirement for beta, but would hate to see us block on this
20:41:51 <dmarlin> we can do before beta
20:42:04 <pwhalen> agreed
20:42:27 <pwhalen> shall we move on then?
20:42:31 <bconoboy> y
20:42:38 <masta> yup
20:42:39 <pwhalen> #topic 4) Your topic here
20:43:00 <pbrobinson> Just a update on a unified kernel
20:43:04 <pbrobinson> I'm getting there
20:43:54 <masta> :)
20:43:57 <pbrobinson> have a weird issue with kvm includes. I have a patch that applies just fine doing a "make prep" locally but blows up in koji which is just strange
20:44:16 <pbrobinson> not had time to look at that again
20:45:38 <pwhalen> cool, keep us posted
20:45:53 <pwhalen> anyone have anything else or shall we let pbrobinson go to bed :)
20:45:55 <pbrobinson> don't I always
20:46:10 <masta> which boards will be unified?
20:46:27 <pbrobinson> versatile, highbank and mvebu
20:46:33 <pbrobinson> for the first round
20:46:39 <masta> vexpress and highbank, right?
20:46:45 <pbrobinson> and mvebu
20:46:48 <dmarlin> pbrobinson: cool!
20:47:12 <pbrobinson> plus two others included which I don't believe we currently have or care about
20:48:46 <pwhalen> anyone else?
20:49:11 <pwhalen> ok
20:49:15 <pwhalen> #endmeeting