14:02:42 <pcalarco> #startmeeting
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14:02:58 <pcalarco> #meetingtopic Fedora Weekly News
14:03:06 <pcalarco> ok, roll call
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14:05:13 <pcalarco> Great, thanks for coming, mchua and runab!  Others may join us, we shall see, but we'll get started
14:05:22 <pcalarco> #topic Fedora Insight WYSIWYG Status
14:05:46 <pcalarco> first up, mchua could you give us any update you have on the editor for zikula?
14:06:10 <mchua_> Yep. The wysiwig editor we're packaging is called xinha
14:06:16 <mchua_> http://trac.xinha.org/
14:06:30 <mchua_> pretty basic js-based editor, zikula module
14:06:30 <pcalarco> Great!
14:06:45 <mchua_> danielsmw is packaging it and said he was finishing it last night, so with any luck that'll be deployed on publictest today or tomorrow
14:06:48 <mchua_> I'll catch up
14:06:51 <mchua_> EOF
14:07:13 <pcalarco> awesome; this will be very nice to start working with
14:07:54 <mchua_> yeah, I'm really hoping it will be up for launch; I think it will be. Worst case scenario, it goes up a few days after FI launches.
14:08:06 <pcalarco> nicubunu: welcome, nicu!
14:08:10 <mchua_> we should have wysiwyg-ness Very Shortly, in any case.
14:08:14 <nicubunu> did i miss anything?
14:08:52 <mchua_> nicubunu: just that danielsmw is getting us wysiwyg functionality in zikula for FWN on Fedora Insight, hopefully today/tomorrow
14:08:53 <pcalarco> nicubunu: mchua was just letting us know status of WYSIWYG editor; xinha is being packinged within the next day or two
14:09:06 <mchua_> pcalarco: jinx :)
14:09:10 <pcalarco> hehe
14:09:14 <nicubunu> thanks
14:09:15 <pcalarco> ok, next topic
14:09:21 <pcalarco> #topic Fedora Insight Schedule: Decision first FWN on FI
14:10:17 <pcalarco> So, FI is going live on 10/14, and one decision we have is to take the content from the previous FWN and repurpose it for FI, or start editing next issue directly in FI
14:10:42 <pcalarco> I would think it might be less work with the latter
14:10:50 <mchua_> +1
14:11:00 <mchua_> how would that change the workflow for beat authors?
14:11:34 <pcalarco> well, we would not be creating beats on the wiki, but instead in FI?
14:11:38 <nicubunu> i don't think we will have trouble figuring out FI from the first try
14:11:56 <pcalarco> yes, it is basically very much like a blog
14:12:22 <mchua_> do we want to have the wiki as a "if you can't figure this out for this week post here and holler to list" safety catch?
14:12:39 <pcalarco> mchua: that is a good idea
14:12:50 <nicubunu> better we have a mail on list with the instructions about using FI
14:13:07 <pcalarco> nicubunu: good idea
14:13:13 <nicubunu> and if someone has troubles, can reply to it and ask for help
14:13:38 <pcalarco> actionitem for pcalarco: write up basic instructions on creating content in FI for fedora-news-list
14:13:54 <runa_b> pcalarco: in case we cover anything really important on the previous FWN issue, would it be possible to add it to the FI issue along with the content for the next issue?
14:14:00 <pcalarco> I will also document this on the FWN section of wiki
14:14:27 <pcalarco> runb: I don't see why not, good idea
14:14:29 <runa_b> i am assuming that the first FI issue would probably generate some additional eyeballs
14:14:55 <pcalarco> will F12 bet beta by then?  There may be some important info there if so
14:15:06 <nicubunu> runa_b: yes, if we do the marketing right
14:15:44 <nicubunu> beta release is supposed to be on 10/13
14:15:49 <runa_b> pcalarco: no.. the beta is on 20th
14:15:59 <runa_b> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Schedule
14:15:59 <pcalarco> mchua: what is the marketing plan for FI launch?
14:16:09 <nicubunu> ah, i wasn't aware by the schedule change
14:16:10 <runa_b> nicubunu: slipped by a week
14:16:31 <mchua_> pcalarco: the 10/14 is going to be a relatively quiet launch, as we get used to putting content up on it.
14:16:47 <mchua_> pcalarco: then the big trumpet will be coming right alongside beta
14:16:53 <pcalarco> mchua: ok, soft launch
14:17:18 <mchua_> yeah, soft launch, big beta trumpet 5 days later (right when FWN hits the front page, if you like ;)
14:17:30 <mchua_> as a "Beta Tomorrow!!!" kind of thing
14:17:47 <pcalarco> ok, so the next FWN issue would normally come out Monday 10/19
14:18:08 <pcalarco> so that would still be the goal for getting content into FI, unless we change that schedule
14:18:35 <mchua_> +1
14:19:00 <pcalarco> that would give us two days to tweak content too
14:19:13 <pcalarco> mizmo: welcome, mizmo!
14:19:19 <nicubunu> we sill have issues on 12, 14 and 19 or 12 is moved to 14?
14:19:30 <mizmo> hi pcalarco
14:20:45 <pcalarco> I'd suggest we get content into there by 10/19, and have it be announced on 10/21?  Is that what you were thinking, mchua?
14:21:11 <mchua_> pcalarco: yep!
14:21:52 <pcalarco> ok, great.  Any other items to discuss on this topic, or shall we move on?
14:21:55 <mchua_> well, 10/20-10/21, but aiming for a single date is probably a better idea.
14:21:58 * mchua_ is done
14:22:41 <pcalarco> #topic Establishing Accounts on publictest6 for Beat Writers
14:23:05 <pcalarco> So, nicubun and runab, do you have accounts on FI test yet?
14:23:36 <nicubunu> not yet
14:23:37 <pcalarco> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight#Check_it_out.21
14:24:15 <runa_b> pcalarco: i guess the password vanished for my test account. i'll try again.
14:24:19 <pcalarco> it is easy; establish a new test FAS account, and then request access to cms_admin group
14:24:53 <pcalarco> mchua: is this still the workflow up until launch?
14:25:07 <mchua_> pcalarco has the admin password for FI test, and can grant the same for anyone who wants to see what the back-end looks like
14:25:10 <mchua_> pcalarco: yep
14:25:31 * mchua_ notes that content posted to the test instance *can* be easily migrated over, so if you want to try putting your beat in the test instance, you can do so
14:26:05 <pcalarco> mchua: ah, okay, so I will create users in zikula for beat writers
14:26:33 <mchua_> pcalarco: well, it's better to do it with the fake-FAS so that module gets tested, but you can do that too
14:27:04 <pcalarco> should they still request new test FAS account, or should I simply create them there and notify them?
14:27:21 <pcalarco> mchua: ok, we shall go through FAS
14:27:59 <pcalarco> do we have a new group for non-admin CMS users, or can one be created?
14:28:29 <pcalarco> How will I get notified when beat writers establish a test FAS account
14:29:28 <pcalarco> we could make it simple by just asking beat writers to notify fedora-news-list
14:30:20 <mchua_> there are no automatic email notifications on account creation right now
14:30:30 <mchua_> (I'm not sure if it could be enabled via the admin interface; I haven't looked, there might be)
14:30:50 <mchua_> pcalarco: basically, it's your show :)
14:31:29 <pcalarco> mchua: there are few enough of us that we can just ask beat writers to notify the list when they establish an account, methinks
14:31:49 * mchua_ is just a carpenter nailing together the software platform
14:31:49 <pcalarco> runab, nicubunu: do you think that would work?
14:32:10 <runa_b> pcalarco: or we could notify you directly if thats ok
14:32:32 <pcalarco> runab: yes, that works
14:32:52 <nicubunu> i just created my account, nicubunu1 (i messed up nicubunu with a typo in the email address)
14:33:10 <pcalarco> nicubunu: great, thanks!
14:33:29 <runa_b> the publictest3 'forget password' seems to be a bit messed up
14:33:29 * mchua_ has to run in a few minutes - do you need anything else from me/marketing/FI/zikula?
14:33:39 <runa_b> pcalarco: my test account is 'runabhattacharjee'
14:33:51 <pcalarco> chua: I think we are good; thanks so much!
14:34:14 <pcalarco> runab: great, thanks runab!
14:34:56 <pcalarco> actionitem: pcalarco will follow up with other beat writers to ask them to establish test FAS accounts
14:35:16 <pcalarco> ok, moving on
14:35:25 <pcalarco> #topic Cutover practicalities from wiki to zikula
14:36:23 <pcalarco> So one question adamwill raised was how we practically create a plain text version of FWN after we move to FI
14:37:38 <pcalarco> I'd think we could reuse the individual beats via RSS feeds, combine these and then send them out; any other ideas?
14:38:14 <pcalarco> do we want to send out a plain text FWN in any event, or simply point people to FI?
14:39:02 <pcalarco> if we tag each beat with the FWN issue number we should be able to lump these together, I think
14:39:10 <runa_b> pcalarco: do we do a plain-text version now?
14:39:43 <pcalarco> runa_b: yes, the one that gets sent out to fedora-announce and fedora-news
14:39:46 <nicubunu> runa_b: here - https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-announce-list/2009-October/msg00000.html
14:39:58 <runa_b> pcalarco: ahh yeah...
14:40:20 <nicubunu> the problem is with getting the referenced URLs?
14:41:50 <pcalarco> nicubunu: yes; although I think we should be able to reuse the zikula content without much problems
14:42:15 <pcalarco> mchua said that it may be a future item to create some automation around this for us
14:42:52 <pcalarco> Is it worth sending out FWN as plain text after FI launches?
14:44:03 <nicubunu> yes, i guess more people read fedora-announce than visit the site
14:44:12 <runa_b> pcalarco: probably the current readers who are used to reading it via the mails would want to read them the old-way
14:44:49 <pcalarco> runa_b: yes, good idea, and we can advertise that there is a new, improved version available
14:46:12 <pcalarco> actionitem: once Xinha editor is available, start playing around with it and see how posts can be reused for plain text FWN version
14:47:26 <pcalarco> ok, that was basically it for the agenda items, do we have any other discussion items anyone would like to add?
14:48:49 <pcalarco> ok, I think we can close the meeting, thanks all for participating!
14:49:12 <pcalarco> #endmeeting