15:42:51 <nirik> #startmeeting task automation in fedora qa
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15:43:00 <nirik> we are just starting up here...
15:44:49 <nirik> disclaimer: just trying to improve qa automation.
15:44:53 <flock-ectr107> slides are here: http://tflink.fedorapeople.org/presentations/flock2013_taskAutomationInFedoraQA/#/intro-slide
15:45:37 <handsome_pirate> Sharks and raptors
15:46:42 <nirik> spent time on qa and knows the issues/problems.
15:47:07 <nirik> reasons for task automation... not test automation.
15:47:42 <nirik> tasks are more than just tests... can automate more than just tests.
15:48:44 <nirik> why autoqa isn't good enough. It's got issues in it's implemention
15:49:33 <nirik> autoqa: tightly coupled. very tied to specific work flows.
15:50:50 <nirik> autoqa: contributions. all rh folks, too hard to get involved, implemtation isn't friendly to contibutions.
15:51:47 <nirik> autoqa: results and reporting. sea of data. going to many places.
15:52:44 <nirik> autoqa: notification is not good
15:53:41 <nirik> autoqa: scaling is an issue. Doesn't scale well.
15:54:26 <nirik> lets not throw everything out... keep the good parts and already solved issues.
15:55:24 <nirik> new solution: won't know what will be needed too far in advance.
15:56:18 <nirik> requirements: tasks can run outside the prod env.
15:56:31 <nirik> requirements: easy to setup development env's.
15:57:12 <nirik> flow chart with possible workflow.
15:58:59 <nirik> fedmsg. Not sure its reliable enough for qa
15:59:09 <nirik> rule engine... mapping of rules to actions.
15:59:56 <nirik> task execution: lots of ways to do that... fan out to persist system, or vm or whatever works here.
16:00:24 <nirik> results storage. store states.
16:00:37 <nirik> centralize result storage.
16:02:00 <nirik> each part should be replaceable
16:02:09 <nirik> many types of tasks.
16:02:48 <nirik> phased approach
16:04:07 <nirik> 1. replace autoqa, 2. work on analytics, 3) move on to more complex setups.
16:05:00 <nirik> plans: figure out tasks. plan storage/logs, setup initial machine
16:05:56 <nirik> help needed! ideas for things you would like to write.
16:10:27 <nirik> q & a
16:12:15 <nirik> questions about fedmsg and various ways to check on it, etc.
16:15:33 <nirik> question about generalizing things. Framework should be general and able to do other tasks down the road.
16:21:04 <nirik> in between test automation and CI
16:24:10 <handsome_pirate> zato
16:25:21 <nirik> #endmeeting