14:04:28 <nirik> #startmeeting Fedora at yahoo
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14:04:45 <nirik> we have one of the biggest clusters in the world
14:04:55 <nirik> yahoo is on the openstack board too
14:05:03 <nirik> we love fedora.
14:05:29 <nirik> july 2012 he joined yahoo.
14:05:55 <nirik> developer desktops used to be older/rhel 5
14:06:11 <nirik> developers wanted new software
14:06:34 <flock-ectr103> yahoo loves rpm
14:07:05 <nirik> most engineers want to know whats coming in the free software world.
14:07:13 <nirik> fedora lets them do that.
14:07:36 <nirik> developers have a choice for a rhel5 or fedora desktop
14:08:17 <nirik> went from fedora 17 to fedora 19... skipped 18 due to life cycles.
14:08:47 <flock-ectr103> asking devs to update every 6 ;ont
14:09:03 <flock-ectr103> 6 months is unreasonable
14:09:59 <nirik> development env has tools to create things for testing.
14:11:58 <nirik> changes to fedora setup: try to keep minimal.
14:12:06 <nirik> gnome3 is the primary desktop
14:12:47 <nirik> Did a security review and adjusted settings for security
14:13:51 <nirik> old setup: to install, request linux, take desktop and install in lab and bring back.
14:14:00 <mizmo> can you paste the vid link, the other one expired
14:14:03 <nirik> new setup uses a usb stick to allow users to install.
14:14:08 <flock-ectr103> yahoo used to have a private network to do pxe-based inst
14:14:10 <nirik> https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/e89fa5e8db8f43baaa77eced261e07ca3f488a71bc
14:14:14 <flock-ectr103> installs
14:14:19 <mizmo> thx
14:15:33 <nirik> mirror internally fedora.
14:16:08 <flock-ectr103> every office has a squid proxy for the mirror
14:16:42 <nirik> nginx and puppet are used.
14:19:27 <nirik> talk about hardware/gpu.
14:19:46 <nirik> only free/open source video drivers.
14:20:13 <nirik> openstack is changing the way they develop.
14:21:00 <nirik> fedora support cycle is short. They would want it to be longer.
14:21:54 <nirik> IT there would like a vendor to support installs. They convinced them community was ok.
14:22:25 <nirik> some issues with 64 bit software.
14:23:23 <nirik> hardware validation was difficult... would be good to know what works and what others are using.
14:24:39 <nirik> upgrades are an unknown as they haven't rolled out f19 yet...
14:25:26 <nirik> internal list with many linux users, they want upgrades to work smoothly.
14:27:47 <nirik> some questions about reasons for using fedora. not money. ;)
14:29:07 <nirik> Asking for yahoo folks to help out in fedora to fix issues.
14:29:40 <nirik> 1000's of linux nodes.
14:30:47 <nirik> #endmeeting