15:44:16 <jreznik> #startmeeting KVM and Virtio Introduction
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15:44:34 <jreznik> sorry for a bit late startmeeting, solving hangouts/beamer issues
15:46:08 <jreznik> Nitesh talks about KVM - overview
15:46:31 <jreznik> QEMU is used in conjunction with KVM
15:47:29 <jreznik> CPU part managed by KVM, QEMU for virt management
15:47:41 <jreznik> #topic KVM internals
15:49:41 <jreznik> #topic Virtion introduction
15:51:14 <jreznik> enables sharing of host network interfaces
15:51:32 <jreznik> flow diagram on the slide
15:51:48 <jreznik> #topic high level virtio architecture
15:51:52 <jreznik> see slide
15:52:27 <jreznik> #topic object hiearchy of the virtio front end
15:58:18 <rdieter> someone is blocking part of the webcam view
15:58:37 <rdieter> nice view of the the back of someone's shoulder
15:58:58 <rdieter> :)
16:00:18 <jreznik> rdieter: better?
16:00:27 <rdieter> jreznik: yay, yes.
16:00:31 <jreznik> thanks for letting me know
16:01:02 <jreznik> #topic code example ;-)
16:02:27 <jreznik> #topic QEMU & Virtio Interaction
16:02:40 <jreznik> see diagram on the slide
16:03:05 <jreznik> Nitesh explains interaction between qemu and virtio
16:09:32 <jreznik> #topic Q/A
16:09:56 <jreznik> Q: do you have any data showing the improvement?
16:10:48 <jreznik> A: should be on linux-kvm.org, on PPC drastically better, userspace/kernelspaces switches, better with vhost
16:11:07 <jreznik> a lot of difference
16:11:58 <jreznik> #endmeeting