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14:58:39 <mizmo> fedora badges talk
14:58:56 <mizmo> you can either never log in or deactivate your account if you dont want to opt in to badges
14:58:58 <mizmo> it's an opt-in app
14:59:01 <mizmo> http://badges.fedoraproject.org
14:59:24 <mizmo> there's a javascript...
14:59:37 <mizmo> you can open this and click the login button, individually it displays the badges
14:59:46 <mizmo> you can view your badges without logging in?
14:59:53 <mizmo> are there noscript issues?
15:00:04 <mizmo> it took twice as long to use the internet running noscript, i don't use noscript
15:00:21 <mizmo> the UI isn't pretty but it exists. want to work on it and make it more awesome
15:00:24 <mizmo> shows random people in top 10%
15:00:30 <mizmo> different people will show up under awesome people evrey time
15:00:34 <mizmo> it's not just a flat leaderboard
15:00:38 <mizmo> so everyone has a chance to show up there
15:00:53 <mizmo> a side feature, badge builder app that's half done
15:01:19 <mizmo> can you show them the spike in activity over flock
15:01:19 <mizmo> there's been a spike in fedmsg activity
15:01:22 <mizmo> since people learned about fedora badges this weekend
15:01:25 <mizmo> ralph is up now
15:01:50 <mizmo> just watching the bus, it's been crazy over the past few days
15:02:05 <mizmo> (i think you can watch it in #fedora-fedmsg)
15:02:10 <ianweller> yep, #fedora-fedmsg
15:02:20 <mizmo> nonetheless, if you watch in #fedora-fedmsg
15:02:24 <mizmo> on freenode
15:02:31 <mizmo> it's a constant firehose of streaming fedmsg activity
15:02:36 <mizmo> you can see people earning badges etc
15:02:44 <mizmo> there's plenty of time to ask questions , flame me, suggest improvements
15:02:58 <ianweller> (and you can see the fedmsg messages that caused the badges to be awarded too!)
15:03:06 <mizmo> irc question: what kind of help is the team looking for, and how can people get involved
15:03:38 <mizmo> question: tracker i showed you where people can submit their badges... they all hook up tickets to the design team so the artists will get a queue for creating them
15:03:56 <mizmo> anybody could do any art they wanted but we are only accepting artwork that matches the fedora standard
15:04:17 <mizmo> irc question: how can people submit badges today, and how will that be improved over time?
15:04:29 <mizmo> ** can someone ask the irc q's for me :) **
15:04:51 <mizmo> remy made the art for the de-vendorizer badge
15:04:54 <mizmo> it's pretty easy to do
15:05:20 <mizmo> q: what's your favorite badge so far?
15:05:26 <mizmo> there's 10 temple badges for testing
15:05:50 <mizmo> they're pretty sweet
15:05:57 <mizmo> here they all are
15:06:20 <mizmo> i like the one in the presentation - crypto panda
15:06:32 <mizmo> mizmo and jenn did the artwork
15:07:00 <mizmo> question: what kind of help are you looking for
15:07:12 <mizmo> badge ideas, badge artwork, patches/code for tahrir, especially for web front end patches
15:07:18 <mizmo> rj and i absolutely detest working on css
15:07:21 <mizmo> i have a special tag for css
15:07:36 <mizmo> go to github.com/fedora-infra
15:07:42 <mizmo> that's where all the code is
15:07:46 <mizmo> eg tahrir is right up top
15:07:50 <mizmo> the issue tracker is in github
15:07:54 <mizmo> you can see all the issues we have open
15:07:58 <mizmo> our wishlist items are in yellow
15:08:21 <mizmo> for the artwork... you can use the tracker on fedora hosted
15:08:30 <mizmo> it's at fedorahosted.org/fedora-badges <= i think that's the URL
15:08:52 <mizmo> today you can submit badges today on the fedorahosted trac for fedora-badges as well
15:09:03 <mizmo> in the future we'll have a system built in
15:09:26 <mizmo> we don't want decision making closed, we want it to be open in a tracker
15:09:34 <mizmo> rj and i interested in badges have been discussing on this tracker
15:09:41 <mizmo> have already added new badges from the tracker into the system today
15:09:47 <mizmo> <audience member> can't hear him very well
15:09:58 <mizmo> suggesting an implementation
15:10:01 <mizmo> is that rj?
15:10:08 <mizmo> now is the time to figure out
15:10:13 <mizmo> if people want to get involved, jump into #fedora-apps
15:10:16 <mizmo> that's the channel we talk in
15:10:23 <mizmo> there's also a badges SIG on the wiki with a mailing list associated with it
15:10:30 <mizmo> there's not that much traffic but feel free to join in
15:11:30 <mizmo> question: <tatica> making badges more social... graphic people can easily understand - to categorize the user based on the badges they get
15:11:41 <mizmo> a simple graphic to show what type of contrbutor a person is, not just the full list of badges
15:11:46 <mizmo> want to easily understand what ppl are doing
15:12:03 <mizmo> ! i have an idea... since the badges are color coded, give people color bars based on their badges)
15:12:25 <mizmo> second question/idea: <tatica> don't just reward social interaction but the activity
15:12:28 <mizmo> how people are learning
15:12:34 <mizmo> look at big picture
15:13:01 <mizmo> we have been thinking about giving people a title based on the type of badges they've earned
15:13:10 <mizmo> also been talking to fedora college organizers to award badges for fedora college
15:14:16 <mizmo> question: how do i know which badges i dont have but i could?
15:14:26 <mizmo> that's on our end... we have to write scripts but haven't yet
15:14:32 <mizmo> there's an involvement badge for having a FAS account, signing the
15:14:33 <mizmo> FPCA
15:14:57 <mizmo> you deserve the badge... i dont have the badge, it's awarded based on fedmsg triggers, we need to write scripts to award badges like that
15:15:02 <mizmo> eg i have 100 tags and i have no tagger badges
15:15:25 <mizmo> people with 60k koji builds... don't get their badges until event triggers it
15:16:24 <mizmo> involvement badge, koji cert badge - we can't recursively award them, but you'll definitely get them we promise. we'll have to script it
15:16:35 <mizmo> badges like flock badge... have a way for people to request it if you deserve it
15:18:26 <mizmo> question: sharing badges
15:18:57 <mizmo> you can export badges, put in openbadges backpack
15:19:31 <mizmo> that widget already exists in mozilla backpack
15:19:39 <mizmo> if you export the badges to mozill backpack, then they'll let you do it
15:19:43 <mizmo> so that exists already
15:19:54 <mizmo> we'll have to work with upstream to make it easier
15:20:13 <mizmo> idea for putting on fedora planet
15:20:17 <mizmo> don't know who runs it
15:20:42 <mizmo> thank you everybody
15:20:53 <mizmo> <end of transcription>
15:20:55 <mizmo> #endmeeting