19:01:19 <mizmo> #startmeeting
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19:01:25 <mizmo> who all's around?
19:01:31 <mizmo> i know nicu couldn't make it today
19:01:57 <tatica> o/
19:02:01 <mizmo> yay tatica!
19:02:03 * tatica is finally arround :$
19:02:23 <mizmo> wb tatica we've missed you!!
19:02:29 <tatica> me too :( a lot
19:02:29 * jsmith lurks
19:02:35 <finalzone> I am here
19:02:35 <fabsh> hi all
19:02:39 <mizmo> hey fabsh
19:02:40 <Emichan> I'm here! :)
19:02:40 <fabsh> hope I'm not too late
19:02:42 <mizmo> hey Emichan
19:02:46 <finalzone> hiya
19:02:47 <mizmo> nope we *just* started
19:02:50 <fabsh> hi mizmo
19:02:55 <fabsh> cools
19:02:59 <mizmo> okay so first topic
19:03:01 <mizmo> #topic Taking inventory
19:03:20 <mizmo> i thought it might be worth taking some time for us to talk about any projects we might be working on that haven't really been discussed at length in meetings before
19:03:31 <mizmo> just so we know what each other are working on and can get feedback if desired
19:04:07 <fabsh> i've been pretty busy with non computer stuff lately
19:04:17 <Schendje> well, i for one still want to do the flickr notes website thing
19:04:21 <Schendje> just don't know how to start
19:04:23 <mizmo> I've been working on a redesign of anaconda, which i've mentioned before. last week i worked on the storage reinitialization dialog, and this week i've started working on a redesign of the user creation https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/UX_Redesign/Whiteboards
19:04:36 <fabsh> but i did design a logo for http://www.northeastlinuxfest.org
19:04:55 <finalzone> I joined mizmo for Anaconda UX redesign as well
19:05:04 <mizmo> Schendje, hmm so there's a mediawiki plug in for it, but it requires an upgrade. have you talked to the infra peeps in #fedora-admin about when/if they plan to upgrade?
19:05:05 <Schendje> fabsh: i liked that one :)
19:05:14 <fabsh> oh cool. thanks
19:05:19 <Schendje> mizmo: nope, i do plan to do that though because it seems like the easiest option :)
19:05:25 <fabsh> just a quick job really, but they liked it too
19:05:30 <mizmo> fabsh, ooh very nice! very appropriate for the location
19:05:31 <Schendje> combined with uploading pics to the wiki it could be amazing :D
19:05:39 <mizmo> Schendje, absolutely
19:05:44 <mizmo> they are pretty easygoing in #fedora-admin
19:05:44 <fabsh> mizmo: I hoped i got that right
19:06:01 <fabsh> i was temped to put cthulhu in it, being new england and all
19:06:11 <mizmo> fabsh, yeh i think all of the NE states have oceanfront
19:06:21 <mizmo> and lighthouses are very common along the oceanfronts
19:06:25 <Schendje> i'm always tempted to put cthulhu in a design, no matter what it's for
19:06:36 <fabsh> they wanted a gnu in it too but that wouldve been out of place on a rock in the ocean :D
19:06:39 <mizmo> fabsh, i didnt know cthulhu was related to new england??
19:06:43 <fabsh> Schendje: +1
19:06:56 <finalzone> mizmo: about sudo by default. there is polkit policy to consider too
19:07:05 <fabsh> mizmo: all of lovecrafts stuff plays in new england. providence and stuff
19:07:10 <mizmo> Schendje, yeh it seems the best plan of attack is to see how possible updating mediawiki is since that's easiest. then formulate plan b if it didn't work
19:07:14 <mizmo> fabsh, ah okay
19:07:40 <mizmo> finalzone, yeh, apparently policy kit is going to be updated to allow for sudo passwords instead of root passwords only
19:07:49 <mizmo> finalzone, it's definitely a requirement for sudo by default
19:08:09 <mizmo> well, cool!
19:08:11 <mizmo> any other projects?
19:08:19 <Emichan> I've been working with southeast linux fest, to redesign their site, but nothing has come of it thus far :P
19:08:25 <mizmo> #info mizmo & luya working on Anaconda UX https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/UX_Redesign/Whiteboards
19:08:39 <fabsh> not for me, I've been busy acting (or trying to)
19:08:42 <mizmo> #info fabsh working with Northeast Linux Fest folks on logo http://www.northeastlinuxfest.org
19:09:02 <mizmo> #info Schendje working on flickr notes for Fedora - will check in with infra to see if mediawiki can be upgraded for plugin
19:09:12 <mizmo> #info Emichan working with southeast linux fest on website design
19:09:14 <mizmo> sweet
19:09:24 <fabsh> haha.... that is so cool
19:09:24 <mizmo> we're definitely kicking serious booty :)
19:09:33 <fabsh> we are all working on the linux fests :D
19:09:36 <mizmo> in the north, and south lol
19:09:38 <fabsh> Emichan: high 5 :)
19:09:41 <mizmo> we need some west coast next
19:10:05 <mizmo> #info Cthulhu is from New England <= fun fact
19:10:13 <mizmo> okay so our next topic
19:10:14 <Emichan> fabsh back at you! :)
19:10:18 <mizmo> #topic Fedora 15 Supplemental Wallpapers
19:10:30 <mizmo> so it seems we've gotten a handful of submissions
19:10:34 <mizmo> so it was totally worth opening up so early
19:10:39 <mizmo> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F15_Artwork_Supplemental_Wallpapers_Submissions
19:10:46 <fabsh> ok i pimped that for lo 180. i should blog it as well
19:10:59 <mizmo> one thing you might have noticed is that i added some guidelines for the wallpapers
19:11:11 <mizmo> because folks were asking me what kind of photos would be best to submit
19:11:23 <fabsh> good call!
19:11:28 <mizmo> the guidelines are from a draft Jon McCann wrote a while back with us
19:11:33 <mizmo> fabsh, that would be awesome
19:11:45 <mizmo> fabsh, do you want to be the official supplemental wallpaper pimper again or is it too much to take on right now?
19:11:52 <fabsh> i can do that
19:11:54 * mizmo notes we still dont have a supplemental wallpaper wrangler yet
19:11:55 <mizmo> sweet!!
19:12:05 <mizmo> rock
19:12:12 <fabsh> shakespeare stuff will be over after the 15th at which point i have more time again
19:12:20 * tatica will send something :D
19:12:24 <mizmo> #info fabsh will manage the supplemental wallpapers for F15
19:12:27 <mizmo> tatica, that would be great:)!!!
19:12:33 <tatica> do we have a date for those submisions?
19:12:40 <mizmo> tatica, i think it's in march... way out
19:12:42 * mizmo double-checks
19:12:53 <fabsh> march
19:12:55 <mizmo> #info supplemental wallpapers due Monday, 7 March 2011
19:13:04 <tatica> I will be doing a photographic trip in december and I can try to take some landscapes photos and something like that
19:13:08 <tatica> awesome
19:13:21 <mizmo> at some point i'd like to do a big review of the latest CC stuff on Flickr and pick some nice ones out
19:13:26 <mizmo> if anyone wants to help out let me know
19:13:31 <tatica> o/
19:13:32 <mizmo> tatica, landscapes are wonderful, ++
19:13:37 * tatica flickr addict :D
19:13:42 <mizmo> hehe awesome
19:13:50 <mizmo> what i do is set up galleries
19:13:55 <mizmo> and i add favorites to the galleries
19:14:02 <mizmo> then sort through and try to pick the top 15-20
19:14:23 <mizmo> here's an example http://www.flickr.com/photos/mairin/galleries/72157624306319826/
19:14:57 <tatica> we can do also something like this http://www.flickr.com/groups/freewallpapersvenezuela/
19:15:09 <tatica> a group where people that want to contribute can submit artwork following the rules
19:15:29 <mizmo> tatica, well we've been using the wiki for submissions and i'll tell youwhy
19:15:37 <mizmo> we do have some folks who don't like using flickr
19:15:44 <mizmo> e.g. poor nicu whose account got closed with no warning :(
19:15:56 <finalzone> ...
19:15:59 <tatica> lol
19:16:11 <mizmo> but, we could still set up a group and maybe the day before the due date, grab the best ones and upload them to the wiki
19:16:12 <fabsh> i dont have an account anymore either
19:16:23 <tatica> yup
19:16:32 <mizmo> that way the flickr addicts can submit easily
19:16:38 <mizmo> but folks who don't use flickr can still participate
19:16:56 <tatica> exactly
19:17:08 <mizmo> tatica, would you have time to set up the flickr group?
19:17:13 <tatica> sure
19:17:22 <mizmo> yay!
19:17:34 <mizmo> #action tatica to set up flickr group for F15 supplemental wallpaper submissions
19:17:43 <mizmo> okay next topic is the default wallpaper
19:17:50 <mizmo> #topic Fedora 15 Default Wallpaper
19:17:58 <mizmo> do we have any ideas/proposals yet?
19:18:04 <mizmo> i haven't gotten a chance to talk to the gnome shell folks yet:(
19:18:20 <fabsh> you mean the unity folks ;)
19:18:22 <tatica> do we have any ideas?
19:18:31 * Schendje still has to send the email around
19:18:38 * Schendje is fail
19:18:41 <mizmo> ah yeh we need to do a sketch session maybe
19:18:51 <Schendje> i'll do it right now actually
19:18:54 <fabsh> i second that strongly
19:18:56 <mizmo> tatica, i had a weird idea with two pieces of land reaching out to each other in the water
19:18:59 <Emichan> sketch session ++!
19:19:03 <mizmo> fabsh, :-ppp ostatic :-ppp
19:19:08 <tatica> awesome
19:19:13 <fabsh> mizmo: yep
19:19:47 <fabsh> i was thinking two planets in a double orbit
19:19:54 * tatica would like to do something gaia/Asimov related
19:19:58 <fabsh> maybe i am watching too much tng.....
19:20:09 <tatica> will try something... sry to ask, which will be the deadline for the mockups?
19:20:13 <Schendje> fabsh: fedora and rhel?
19:20:20 <mizmo> tatica, let me check the schedule
19:20:29 <tatica> sry to ask too much about the dates :S
19:20:38 <mizmo> # (In Progress) Concepts submission deadline — Tue 18 January 2011, 18:00 UTC
19:20:41 <Emichan> mizmo also mentioned steampunk last week :)
19:20:41 <fabsh> Schendje: i was just thinkging generally..... sometimes they say planets are embraced in a loving orbit or something like that
19:20:43 <mizmo> no it's a good question tatica i didnt know either
19:20:48 <mizmo> yes thats right steampunk!!!
19:20:52 <fabsh> +1000k for steampunk!
19:20:54 <mizmo> #info Wallpaper Concepts submission deadline — Tue 18 January 2011, 18:00 UTC
19:21:01 <Schendje> fabsh: ya, i like the idea!
19:21:02 <tatica> awesome, if everything is for january I can work at vacations on that
19:21:10 <fabsh> steampunk planets! :D
19:21:32 <Emichan> fabsh: a clockwork planetary model?
19:21:41 <fabsh> wow.....
19:21:45 <mizmo> well it's lovelock... maybe have lock mechanisms in the works somewhere
19:21:45 <fabsh> that sounds cool :D
19:21:53 <mizmo> planetary lock
19:22:00 <mizmo> hehe
19:22:01 <Emichan> tidal lock!
19:22:05 <mizmo> locked into orbit
19:22:15 <fabsh> lock ness!!!!
19:22:21 <Schendje> lol
19:22:21 <mizmo> nessy!!
19:22:39 <Schendje> cthluhu!
19:22:42 <fabsh> :P
19:22:51 <fabsh> Fedora ftaghn!
19:23:13 <Emichan> cthulhu and cartman :)
19:23:13 <fabsh> that would be a great codename come to think of it :D
19:23:49 <mizmo> well cool
19:24:05 <Emichan> shuggoth love :)
19:24:06 <mizmo> #action schendje to set up sketch session for F15
19:24:15 <mizmo> #info landscape idea
19:24:19 <mizmo> #info steampunk idea
19:24:24 <mizmo> #info asimov/gaia idea
19:24:41 <fabsh> Emichan: LOL. :D
19:25:01 <mizmo> next topic is GNOME shell theming, did you have anything you wanted to talk about there Emichan?
19:26:16 <Emichan> um
19:26:27 <Emichan> I haven't actually had any time this past week to work on it so...
19:26:34 <mizmo> okie doke
19:26:44 <mizmo> we'll skip it for now if thats okay!
19:26:56 <mizmo> after that we have another Emichan item :) the FUDcon Tempe shirt
19:26:58 <Emichan> we can always talk about it on the list if need be :)
19:27:10 <Emichan> yes - I'm still working on my other idea
19:27:24 <mizmo> #topic FUDcon Tempe shirt design
19:27:37 <Schendje> Emichan: do you have anything to show already for us? :)
19:27:42 <Emichan> but I haven't gotten it done yet :(
19:27:44 <mizmo> between the dark blue and light blue it seems maybe the dark blue was the favorite from the list
19:27:48 <Schendje> release early, release often :)
19:28:05 <mizmo> #link http://emichan.fedorapeople.org/FudconTempe/hohokam_light_blue_on_black.png
19:28:08 <Emichan> Schendje - true true - I'll try and get something presentable enough to share
19:28:14 <mizmo> #link http://emichan.fedorapeople.org/FudconTempe/hohokam_dark_blue_on_black.png
19:28:16 <mizmo> sounds good :)
19:28:27 <mizmo> okay next topic is...
19:28:36 <fabsh> that looks great!
19:28:40 <mizmo> #topic Fedora RPG
19:28:43 <mizmo> heh
19:28:43 <Schendje> Emichan: not saying you should hurry, but that it's easier if you share before it's completely finished
19:28:47 <mizmo> i haven't had any time to work on it
19:28:55 <Emichan> so far design #2 isn't looking as good on the screen as it did in my head, so I'm trying to get it closer to the head-version :)
19:29:10 <Emichan> fabsh - thanks!
19:29:23 <Schendje> Emichan: sounds good, looking forward to it
19:29:34 <mizmo> after Fedora RPG we've got open floor
19:30:03 <tatica> group done: http://www.flickr.com/groups/fedora-wallpapers/
19:30:23 <mizmo> yay!
19:30:31 <mizmo> #info F15 Flickr Submission pool http://www.flickr.com/groups/fedora-wallpapers/
19:30:34 <Schendje> wooo
19:30:56 <Emichan> I haven't had time to make any more pandas :(
19:31:23 <mizmo> i have to get the anaconda stuff more sorted out before the holidays, so i'm probably not going to have time until the holidays
19:32:08 <Emichan> how is the RPG looking on the development side? any news?
19:32:55 <mizmo> none yet
19:33:14 <mizmo> luke macken, who i think is going to be helping us with development, is working on the public release of moksha dec 15
19:33:35 <mizmo> im helping him out with a website (see http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/moksha/website/moksha-960_16_col-3.png)
19:33:44 <mizmo> i think once he's finished with that he might be able to help
19:33:51 <Schendje> comfortaa huh?
19:34:09 <mizmo> its mg open modata
19:34:25 <mizmo> the logo font - im not sure, mlanglie did it a while back
19:34:29 <Schendje> ah, the older one yeah
19:34:42 <fabsh> that moksha thing looks nice
19:34:47 <fabsh> what exactly does it do?
19:34:54 <mizmo> fabsh, it's a real time web framework
19:35:03 <mizmo> it's a layer on top of turbogears
19:35:12 <mizmo> that lets your web apps connect to a messaging server and pass real-time data through
19:35:21 <fabsh> ah. RHT i see.... :D
19:35:22 <mizmo> its very - HTML 5 & interactive
19:35:30 <sijis> moksha looks nice.
19:35:32 <mizmo> i'm thinking the Fedora RPG app would be built using moksha
19:35:41 <fabsh> cool
19:36:23 <mizmo> that is why im hoping luke can help us once he gets the big moksha release out of the way
19:36:50 <fabsh> cool. i see you have a plan.... :D
19:36:54 <mizmo> yep :)
19:37:01 * fabsh loves it when a plan comes together
19:37:39 <mizmo> #topic open floor
19:37:54 <Schendje> so, thorwil just posted something interesting: http://thorwil.wordpress.com/2010/12/07/backtestground/
19:38:03 <Schendje> some wallpaper utilities that might come in handy
19:38:12 * thorwil waves
19:38:31 <Emichan> I have a couple of things I probably should have mentioned during the first topic, but I was distracted :P
19:38:43 <mizmo> thorwil, dude that kicks ass!
19:38:48 <mizmo> Emichan, goforit!
19:38:58 <Schendje> let's see, there's templates, a content extractor (which sounds cool), a script for different sizes
19:39:19 <fabsh> nice
19:39:23 <Emichan> first, I was on a podcast a couple of weeks ago that's put out by the president of southeast linux fest
19:39:31 <thorwil> mizmo: heh, thanks. needs testing whether i explained it all well enough
19:39:39 <Emichan> there was lots of fedora design pimping :)
19:39:54 <fabsh> Emichan: you were on dave sexy yate's show? :)
19:39:55 <mizmo> Emichan, kickin!!! do you have a URL to the audio or is it still in post-production?
19:40:11 <fabsh> Emichan rocks :D
19:40:31 <mizmo> thorwil, ill give them a try when i put together mockups and let you know if the instructions need tweaking!!!
19:40:47 <thorwil> mizmo: cool, ty
19:40:51 <Emichan> here's the link: http://media.libsyn.com/media/dsyates/lottalinuxlinks_131.ogg (i had to go look it up)
19:41:14 <fabsh> Emichan: seriously that rocks. i am way too behind on LLL
19:41:20 <Emichan> fabsh: lol - I had no idea he was sexy :)
19:41:39 <fabsh> Emichan: thats the nickname the TLLTS guys gave him. it kinda stuck ;)
19:41:48 <mizmo> #info Emichan interview on podcast with SELF president!! http://media.libsyn.com/media/dsyates/lottalinuxlinks_131.ogg
19:42:09 <Schendje> #info http://thorwil.wordpress.com/2010/12/07/backtestground/ <- handy wallpaper utilities, feedback is welcome!
19:42:16 <Schendje> (just for the record)
19:42:20 <mizmo> i added it to the F15 artwork page too
19:42:29 <mizmo> (thorwil's blog post)
19:43:11 <mizmo> hehe dave has a cool intro song
19:43:16 <Emichan> also I was a bit intrigued after talking about the image annotation idea last week
19:43:22 <fabsh> mizmo: dual cored did it for him
19:43:26 <Emichan> so I went ahead and put somehting together
19:43:26 <fabsh> *dual core
19:43:36 <Emichan> it's working (so far) ;)
19:43:46 <Emichan> you can see a demo site here: http://www.fightingcrane.com/ImageNotes/index.php
19:43:47 <fabsh> mizmo: he also podcasts from a honda civic while driving :)
19:43:48 <mizmo> Emichan, ooooh
19:43:56 <mizmo> fabsh, that's nuts!
19:44:00 <Schendje> Emichan: !!!
19:44:14 <Emichan> the code is here: http://gitorious.org/remote-image-annotation
19:44:21 * Schendje hugs Emichan
19:44:24 <fabsh> mizmo: we did a spoof of that on LO 100 and podcasted from a Renault Laguna at 200 km/h
19:44:30 * Emichan loves hugs
19:44:30 <Schendje> that is so cool!
19:45:07 <Emichan> here's one of my shirt designs on the demo site: http://www.fightingcrane.com/ImageNotes/index.php?i=test
19:45:32 <Schendje> and here's a panda http://www.fightingcrane.com/ImageNotes/index.php?i=Panda
19:45:41 <Emichan> if everything is working correctly, you should see one annotation on it around one of the kokopellis :)
19:45:42 <mizmo> woo http://www.fightingcrane.com/ImageNotes/index.php?i=Verde#
19:45:57 <fabsh> mizmo: just to prove how nuts I am: http://fabsh.smugmug.com/gallery/8713210_AnCZr/1/575986368_uAeKv/Medium ;)
19:46:03 <Schendje> Emichan: so which of the scripts is this? the jquery one?
19:46:27 <Emichan> schendje: yeah it's the jquery plugin cuz i <3 jquery :)
19:46:44 <Schendje> Emichan: who doesn't :)
19:47:19 <fabsh> Emichan: that rocks! Oo
19:47:24 <mizmo> so im wondering if infra would let us deploy this...
19:47:30 <Schendje> mizmo: yeah
19:47:57 <Emichan> mizmo - right now it's using a file-based storage backend, so no db is needed
19:48:06 <fabsh> mizmo: i hope so! it looks great...
19:48:10 <Schendje> Emichan: does it use the jpeg headers to store the info?
19:48:24 <Emichan> shendje: no, it doesn't store or alter the image
19:48:37 <Emichan> it saves the annotations in a file
19:48:44 <Schendje> ah ok
19:48:56 <Emichan> *Schendje (sorry typing too fast ;))
19:48:59 <fabsh> that's cool. like dokuwiki
19:49:00 <Schendje> no worries
19:49:02 <mizmo> nice!
19:49:37 <Emichan> I was thinking we might be able to put it in our fedorahosted space?
19:49:59 <mizmo> hmm
19:50:13 <Emichan> it's just storing text, so it shouldn't require much in the way of storage space
19:50:14 <mizmo> im not sure if we have php available there - but maybe?
19:50:21 <mizmo> it's worth a shot
19:50:22 <Emichan> what does trac use?
19:50:33 <mizmo> trac is python-based i think
19:50:34 <Schendje> i think i tried php but it didn't work
19:50:40 <Schendje> but that may also be because i suck at php ;)
19:50:43 <mizmo> we do have php on some of our hosts but i dont think the fedorapeople box has it
19:50:48 <mizmo> i could be wrong though
19:51:10 <fabsh> mizmo: i have one question
19:51:14 <mizmo> sure
19:51:24 <fabsh> what's going on with that new blog? :)
19:51:55 <mizmo> so i think mainly we can use it for announcing design team bounties
19:52:10 <mizmo> and wallpaper / release design process announcements
19:52:12 <Emichan> well, we can use the demo site too if everyone's okay with it. My hosting space has unlimited b/w, so no worries on my end :)
19:52:15 <mizmo> so it's all centrally-stored i think
19:52:40 <mizmo> sweet Emichan :) i think it's going to be a *very* handy tool when we start doing the F15 sketch fest
19:53:06 <fabsh> mizmo: ok, cool. makes sense. :)
19:54:23 <Emichan> mizmo - any word from infra on the blog?
19:55:38 <mizmo> Emichan, i think we're set, it's http://blogs.fedoraproject.org/designteam
19:55:43 <mizmo> Emichan, i sent a note to the design team mailing list on it -
19:55:58 <mizmo> i think there were some folks who couldn't get added because their accounts weren't on the WP server yet
19:56:22 <mizmo> so anyone who logs into http://blogs.fedoraproject.org and doesn't see the design team blog in their overview, shoot me a message - irc, email, whatever's easiest - and i can add you in
19:58:16 <mizmo> Emichan, this is a great interview, i've been listening to it :)
19:59:06 <fabsh> dave is cool :)
20:00:34 * Schendje is also listening
20:00:34 <mizmo> aiight i gotta run to another meeting
20:00:45 <mizmo> but i'm gonna end the meeting here, y'all should listen to emily's interview it's great :)
20:00:46 <mizmo> #endmeeting