17:00:54 <jlaska> #startmeeting F16-Alpha Blocker Review
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17:01:01 <jlaska> #meetingname f16-alpha-blocker
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17:01:06 <jlaska> #topic Roll Call
17:01:12 * brunowolff is here
17:01:22 <jlaska> okay, what lucky souls do we have for our journey today?
17:01:28 * jlaska tips hat to brunowolff
17:01:39 <adamw> yo
17:01:39 * tflink is wearing his blocker review party hat
17:01:53 <jlaska> alright tflink! :)
17:01:55 <jlaska> hey adamw
17:01:59 * Viking-Ice sits and sharpens his battleaxe..
17:02:00 <adamw> Viking-Ice: ping
17:02:03 <adamw> oh there he is
17:02:06 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: joined bef ... hey Viking-Ice
17:02:51 * j_dulaney waves
17:02:54 <jlaska> rbergeron: mentioned she won't make the meeting today
17:02:56 <jlaska> Hey j_dulaney!
17:03:03 <tflink> wow, that's a lot of bugs. even if most of them are related to eachother
17:03:04 <j_dulaney> Yo
17:03:09 <brunowolff> The cloud SIG meeting is occurring at the same time.
17:03:20 * rbergeron has broken glasses and is waiting
17:03:23 <rbergeron> huh?
17:03:34 <rbergeron> cloud meeting in 2 hrs
17:03:43 <adamw> tflink: we're probably going to be dealing with almost all of them together
17:03:49 <j_dulaney> brunowolff:  Most of 'em seem to be incomplete features
17:03:51 <rbergeron> we can move if needed
17:03:52 <jlaska> I hope so!
17:03:53 <Viking-Ice> tflink, I can throw in couple of dozen or so ;)
17:03:57 <brunowolff> I must have misread the time. I thought I saw 17, but maybe it was 19.
17:03:57 <jlaska> okay, let's get this party started ...
17:03:58 <Viking-Ice> more that is
17:04:09 <jlaska> #topic Why are we here?
17:04:12 <rbergeron> oh. it should be 19
17:04:15 <jlaska> Some quick links an reminders ...
17:04:26 <tflink> Viking-Ice: the more the merrier?
17:04:34 <jlaska> #info We'll be walking through the proposed, accepted blockers and NTH bugs listed at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Current_Release_Blockers
17:04:35 <Viking-Ice> hehe
17:04:46 <jlaska> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_16_Alpha_Release_Criteria
17:05:04 <jlaska> If you like these meetings so much, you want to roll your own ...
17:05:05 <jlaska> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:SOP_Blocker_Bug_Meeting
17:05:13 <adamw> jlaska: propose we start with 713562 - i.e. all the systemd bugs
17:05:16 <jlaska> I think that about covers it
17:05:26 <jlaska> adamw: I agree ... let's cover as many of those as possible at once
17:05:43 <jlaska> who wants to secretize?
17:05:44 <adamw> i think we can just take 'em as a lump
17:05:50 <jlaska> agreed
17:05:51 * adamw doesn't mind doing it
17:05:53 <brunowolff> I liked the proposal to not consider them QA blockers.
17:06:06 <jlaska> #topic All proposed systemd Alpha blockers
17:06:19 <adamw> right - shall i reiterate that for the record?
17:06:29 * jlaska grabbing your mail link
17:06:30 <jlaska> please
17:06:52 <adamw> the idea behind these being blockers is fesco wants at least part of the sysv-to-systemd service conversion process complete before alpha goes out, as part of the feature process
17:07:04 <jlaska> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/test/2011-July/101332.html
17:07:25 <adamw> however, afaik none of these bugs actually materially affects the quality standards for an alpha release, so i don't think it's really appropriate to handle them under this process
17:07:34 <Viking-Ice> agreed
17:07:44 <brunowolff> +1
17:07:47 <adamw> thanks to viking for putting them all under a meta-blocker so we can easily change the alpha-blocking status =)
17:07:57 <Viking-Ice> which leaves 714478 ,722466 the only ones to deal with today
17:08:07 <adamw> so if we agree we can leave this process to be handled by fesco, we can just make not block f16alpha and we're done
17:08:12 <adamw> *make 713562 not block...
17:08:15 <jlaska> yeah, agreed ... nice to identify these and resolve this *early*
17:08:18 <j_dulaney> +1 to not blocker
17:08:26 <tflink> +1 to not blocker
17:08:32 <brunowolff> +1 to not blocker
17:08:48 <jlaska> #chair adamw
17:08:48 <zodbot> Current chairs: adamw jlaska
17:08:49 <adamw> of course, if for some reason a bug in this group *does* impact the quality standards - release criteria - it could be proposed as a release blocker directly
17:08:52 <adamw> cool
17:08:55 <Viking-Ice> Note blocked by QA anyway
17:09:05 <adamw> Viking-Ice: right.
17:09:39 <adamw> #agreed all the sysv-to-systemd conversion bugs should not be handled by the release blocker review process but the feature process, so 713562 is rejected as a blocker
17:09:42 <j_dulaney> Viking-Ice:  I thought I saw one more true blocker
17:09:45 <jlaska> adamw: thanks ... beat me to it
17:10:19 <Viking-Ice> this actually does kinda not fall under that feature process either
17:10:27 <tflink> 718722
17:10:32 <tflink> is another non-systemd blocker
17:10:39 <Viking-Ice> but anyway let's get the actual potential blockers done
17:10:50 <jlaska> let's get the non-blockers marked in the minutes with #info's
17:10:51 <j_dulaney> 720034
17:11:10 <j_dulaney> At least it isn't a feature
17:11:53 <brunowolff> 722466 also isn't systemd.
17:12:03 <j_dulaney> That was stated
17:12:16 <Viking-Ice> along with 714478
17:12:26 <jlaska> so I have the following non-systemd bugs ... 714478 722466 718722 720034
17:12:41 <j_dulaney> So, 714478, 722466, 720034, and 718722
17:13:05 <jlaska> okay
17:13:14 <jlaska> adamw: are you mass updating the systemd bugs with this decision?
17:13:39 <Viking-Ice> just remove it from the alpha tracker but keep the tracker bug open
17:13:40 <adamw> jlaska: no need to, only the tracker needs updating
17:13:46 <jlaska> great
17:13:50 <adamw> Viking-Ice: yup, that's what i did. see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=713562#c3
17:13:51 <buggbot> Bug 713562: unspecified, unspecified, ---, notting, NEW, Tracker bug for SYSV to systemd conversion
17:13:53 <jlaska> okay, ready to move on?
17:13:56 <adamw> yup
17:14:13 <adamw> we can work from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/showdependencytree.cgi?id=713560&hide_resolved=1
17:14:38 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=714478
17:14:39 <adamw> and viking / j_dulaney, if any of the systemd bugs should be proposed blockers, please go ahead and mark 'em as blocking f16alpha directly
17:14:39 <buggbot> Bug 714478: unspecified, unspecified, ---, kernel-maint, NEW, CPU lockup during boot
17:14:54 <jlaska> #info CPU lockup during boot
17:15:14 <brunowolff> This affects 32 bit SMP systems, but is a race so not all are affected equally.
17:15:25 <j_dulaney> adamw:  I don't see any, unless something were to actually fail a release criterion
17:15:35 <adamw> j_dulaney: cool.
17:15:44 <jlaska> brunowolff: so I guess the question is how many systems are affected?
17:15:45 <brunowolff> I mine, I hit it 100%, but I got the impression it didn't always occur on ARM.
17:16:24 <brunowolff> It's hard to say. Upstream the reports were being misfiled against RCU instead of the scheduler.
17:16:48 <adamw> you tested the patch was good, right?
17:17:01 * jlaska reading adamw's "[...] guide to kernel patch testing"
17:17:12 <jlaska> #info The fix has been posted to lkml, but is not yet in Linus' tree.
17:17:14 * j_dulaney liked that
17:17:22 <brunowolff> I had both an athlon MP and a dual processor Xeon see 100% boot failure on about a dozen boots.
17:17:50 <brunowolff> Yes, the patch appears to solve the issue. I am running 3.0 kernels on both affected machines now.
17:18:14 <jlaska> so it sounds like we have enough to get this issue out for some kernel-devel feedback
17:18:26 <jlaska> any takers on if the frequency alone is enough to mark this as a blocker?
17:18:51 <j_dulaney> +1
17:18:51 <jlaska> if anything, I think this might hit our failsafe clause ...
17:19:09 <adamw> the lkml thread is http://lkml.org/lkml/2011/7/12/150
17:19:25 <adamw> it was an IBMer who said "It appears that there have been several, but they were blaming RCU instead.  ;-)"
17:19:44 <brunowolff> McKenny is THE RCU guy.
17:19:45 <adamw> given the tenor of the upstream conversation and the severity of the bug i'd be +1 blocker
17:20:00 <Viking-Ice> I'm in for blocker
17:20:08 <jlaska> yeah, that comment you linked to makes it seem like more people should be hitting this
17:20:08 <brunowolff> +1 blocker.
17:20:18 <jlaska> and we may just not have a lot of rawhide users yet, let alone i686 rawhide
17:20:29 <brunowolff> i686 SMP.
17:20:29 <jlaska> we've got 3 for blocker so far
17:20:33 <jlaska> even better
17:20:38 <tflink> +1
17:20:48 <jlaska> adamw: which clause would yo ufile this under? ... our get out of jail escape clause?
17:20:51 * j_dulaney has grabbed a nightly, but he hasn't actually burned it
17:21:12 <Viking-Ice> I think we enough votes for blocker
17:21:25 * Viking-Ice sneaks in have ....
17:21:27 <adamw> jlaska: it prevents you booting the system
17:21:32 <jlaska> right
17:21:38 <j_dulaney> criteria 4
17:21:53 <adamw> so, i mean, pick one
17:21:54 <jlaska> it's the number of potential systems affected that pulls this one in
17:21:57 <jlaska> heh
17:22:00 <jlaska> I pick 1-14
17:22:05 <adamw> 4, 14, whichever
17:22:23 <jlaska> #agreed 714478 - AcceptedBlocker - causes boot failures for i686 kernel
17:22:47 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=718722
17:22:48 <buggbot> Bug 718722: unspecified, unspecified, ---, pjones, NEW, Mismatched or corrupt version of stage1/stage2
17:22:54 <jlaska> #info Mismatched or corrupt version of stage1/stage2
17:23:02 <jlaska> #2 for bruno
17:23:05 <brunowolff> I didn't actually test installs with this.
17:23:25 <brunowolff> I ran into it when repartitioning my system without doing a fresh install.
17:23:29 <Viking-Ice> I hit this with rawhide install + updates
17:23:39 <brunowolff> Later the same problem showed up in an F15 update.
17:24:04 <j_dulaney> Looks like a GCC issue
17:24:07 <brunowolff> I think the problem was triggered by a change outside of grub, though poor grub coding may still be the root cause.
17:24:11 <Viking-Ice> hum that probably was another bug this is grub <1 not 1>
17:24:33 <jlaska> do we think fresh installs would also hit this?
17:24:43 <j_dulaney> Perhaps
17:24:44 <jlaska> hard to say since we've not been able to get through any just yet
17:24:58 <brunowolff> I would think so, but I just haven't tested that.
17:25:07 <adamw> probably be a good idea to check.
17:25:20 <adamw> leave it 'open' until we do a rats run or whatever?
17:25:39 <jlaska> yeah, we *should* have results by next mid-week
17:25:41 <Viking-Ice> 6 : Mismatched or corrupt version of stage1/stage2
17:25:41 <Viking-Ice> This error is returned if the install command points to incompatible or corrupt versions of
17:25:41 <Viking-Ice> the stage1 or stage2. It can’t detect corruption in general, but this is a sanity c heck on
17:25:41 <Viking-Ice> the version numbers, which should be correct.
17:25:45 <j_dulaney> adamw +1
17:26:00 <Viking-Ice> adamw, +1
17:26:07 <brunowolff> It would be nice to ask one of the grub maintainers to look at it promptly though as this may impact other testing.
17:26:13 <jlaska> proposed #agreed 718722 - leave on the list pending rawhide acceptance install results.  Will reevaluate next week
17:26:21 <jlaska> I think we'd need to poke pjones for this
17:26:24 * jlaska thought we were moving to grub2 in F16
17:26:26 <tflink> ack
17:26:31 <Viking-Ice> jlaska, we are afaik
17:26:41 <Viking-Ice> hence I'm not so sure how relevant this is
17:26:57 <jlaska> yeah
17:27:13 <jlaska> sounds like we have enough votes for leaving this unchanged, and revisiting pending install results next week
17:27:30 <jlaska> any nak/s?  speak now, or forever hold thy peace
17:27:57 <brunowolff> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Grub2
17:28:01 <jlaska> thx
17:28:10 <jlaska> #agreed 718722 - leave on the list pending rawhide acceptance install results.  Will reevaluate next week
17:28:20 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=720034
17:28:21 <buggbot> Bug 720034: medium, medium, ---, schwab, NEW, Error: unsupported locale setting
17:28:23 <brunowolff> The grub2 feature isn't very far along. I don't think relying on it is a safe way to proceed.
17:28:31 <jlaska> #info unsupported locale setting
17:28:54 <jlaska> brunowolff: yeah, let's keep it on the list for next week ... and if someone wants to volunteer to check-in w/ pjones for feedback
17:29:01 <jlaska> if not ... I'll ping him
17:29:22 <jlaska> #action jlaska - check-in w/ pjones for grub assistance on 718722
17:29:42 <jlaska> okay, this bug was filed before, but found during the limited testing twu was able to perform on the first RATs run
17:30:24 <Viking-Ice> +1 it's a blocker
17:30:34 <j_dulaney> +1
17:30:36 <jlaska> yeah, killing live installs ...
17:30:52 <jlaska> #info impacts Alpha criteria - The installer must boot (if appropriate) and run on all primary architectures from default live image, DVD, and boot.iso install media
17:30:54 <brunowolff> +1 blocker
17:31:01 <tflink> +1
17:31:15 <adamw> yup, seems straightforward
17:31:20 <jlaska> #agreed 720034 - AcceptedBlocker - appears to prevent all live installs
17:31:35 <jlaska> okay, moving on ...
17:31:38 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=722466
17:31:39 <buggbot> Bug 722466: unspecified, unspecified, ---, mgracik, NEW, creating 32 bit isos fails when there is 2 kernels
17:31:44 <jlaska> #info creating 32 bit isos fails when there is 2 kernels
17:31:56 <jlaska> Our good friend dgilmore filed this earlier
17:32:15 <jlaska> it's something he discovered while trying to build install images for the RATs milestone
17:32:28 <jlaska> basically ... kernel-PAE isn't included right now
17:32:48 <jlaska> I'm fuzzy on where that kernel is needed still
17:33:09 <jlaska> but wanted to raise it for discussion here since I would consider the install images incomplete without this
17:33:10 <Viking-Ice> Hum I dont think this is an blocker ( other than it blocks releng from creating the live cd )
17:33:17 <Viking-Ice> so I'm a -1 on this one
17:33:29 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: how did you get live cd?
17:33:36 <brunowolff> You want the PAE kernel if you have more the a GB of memory.
17:33:45 <j_dulaney> Indeed
17:33:53 <adamw> more than 4GB.
17:33:56 <Viking-Ice> jlaska, long time ago which did not boot btw
17:34:01 <adamw> (well, more than 3GB, really.)
17:34:03 <brunowolff> I am not sure this is an alpha blocker.
17:34:13 <Viking-Ice> liveuser gdm problems
17:34:16 <adamw> what's the impact of this - we don't get live images, or we get live images but only with the regular kernel?
17:34:19 <j_dulaney> I'm +1
17:34:22 <jlaska> no no ...
17:34:25 <brunowolff> Inefficiencies hit well be fore 3 GB.
17:34:29 <tflink> I thought that this was just the installer image
17:34:35 <jlaska> it would mean we have install ISO media that doesn't contain kernel-PAE (package or pxe images)
17:34:43 <Viking-Ice> yup -1
17:34:47 <Viking-Ice> to a blocker
17:35:09 <jlaska> do systems that need PAE function when using the vanilla kernel?
17:35:11 <tflink> I think it comes down to how important it is to have PAE
17:35:16 <jlaska> agreed
17:35:19 <adamw> yeah, -1 for me; you can install kernel-PAE after installing the system, and not having a PAE kernel isn't going to prevent anyone installing and booting
17:35:23 <adamw> jlaska: yes.
17:35:38 <adamw> what PAE does is allow a 32-bit system to address memory beyond the 4GB range
17:35:59 <jlaska> that's what I was unclear on ... whether the lack of this installer kernel would prevent Alpha install
17:36:08 <adamw> using a non-PAE 32-bit kernel on a system with more than 3GB or so of memory will lead to less than the full amount of memory being available to the kernel, but that's all, it has no other impact
17:36:11 <brunowolff> I don't know that we'd want final to go out without the PAE kernel. You can't do fire and forget updates to fix this.
17:36:13 <adamw> no, it should not.
17:36:25 <brunowolff> You need to manually install the PAE kernels.
17:36:33 <adamw> brunowolff: for final it's a more interesting question, but for alpha it seems pretty obviously not a blocker to me.
17:36:59 <Viking-Ice> definitely for final it would be a blocker but for alpha nope
17:37:11 <Viking-Ice> from my pov
17:37:11 <brunowolff> -1 alpha blocker
17:37:20 <jlaska> should we re-propose this for another milestone then?
17:37:22 <tflink> -1 alpha blocker
17:37:27 * jlaska works up the #agreed line
17:37:40 <j_dulaney> Ok, -1 for Alpha, +1 for Final
17:37:41 <brunowolff> I think it should be proposed as a final blocker.
17:37:45 <adamw> if anyone thinks it should be a final blocker they can re-propose it for final
17:37:51 <adamw> i can do that when i update it
17:38:04 <Viking-Ice> revisit at beta
17:38:08 <jlaska> #agreed 722466 RejectedBlocker - Does not prevent Alpha installs and can be manually installed after anaconda.  May consider as a F16Blocker
17:38:31 <j_dulaney> Yay
17:38:33 <jlaska> anything else to cover on this bug?
17:39:08 <j_dulaney> No more bugs, and it took only forty minutes
17:39:23 <jlaska> we finished the adamw list of bugs ... lemme double check my updated wiki too ...
17:39:48 <brunowolff> That's a good start. But I doubt they'll stay this short as testing ramps up.
17:39:55 <jlaska> :)
17:40:05 * tflink has a general question before we end
17:40:06 <adamw> right, we'll probably get more once we have testable install images
17:40:17 <jlaska> it's almost certain
17:40:27 <jlaska> and remember too, we haven't frozen yte
17:40:32 <jlaska> so all this could change tomorrow
17:40:42 * j_dulaney shudders
17:40:43 <jlaska> queue ominous thunder
17:40:57 <jlaska> #topic Open Discussion - <your bug here>
17:41:00 <jlaska> open floor time
17:41:15 * jlaska looks better now ... http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Current_Release_Blockers
17:41:34 <tflink> has anyone had a chance to look at my proposal to keep these meetings from going to 4 hours? https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-qa/ticket/221
17:42:12 * jlaska still processing
17:42:17 <tflink> adamw has, obviously but I'm wondering if there are thoughts on whether this would actually work and be worth doing
17:42:41 <jlaska> I'm thinking that the total amount of work needed wno't change ... it's where do we want to move that work (into another process etc..).)
17:43:02 <jlaska> lemme ask ...
17:43:08 <tflink> yeah, pretty much
17:43:09 <jlaska> what's the ideal outcome for this entire process?
17:43:37 <jlaska> #topic discussion on reducing blocker meeting length
17:43:41 <j_dulaney> Still cover each bug, but reduce time spent on the bugs -inmeeting
17:43:42 <tflink> for this part? to discourage 4 hour review meetings and reduce the total number of person-hours spent on gathering initial info (people * time)
17:43:49 <jlaska> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-qa/ticket/221
17:44:00 <jlaska> tflink: take it further ...
17:44:16 * j_dulaney thinks dropping into the bug reports exactly what criteria are blocked
17:44:18 <jlaska> the meeting feels like the last line of defense
17:44:37 <jlaska> so what ideal behavior are we hoping for to reduce meeting time?
17:44:39 <tflink> if we broke up the initial information gathering process, we wouldn't have to sit here on IRC for every bug asking about impact, workarounds etc.
17:45:39 <tflink> its possible that we could extend the process to have a pestering-bot on bz to ask questions on every new proposed blocker/nth
17:46:03 <tflink> but I wasn't planning on that for right now
17:46:21 <jlaska> I like trying to ensure that bugs answer some basic questions ahead of time ... we sometimes get that now (not always though)
17:46:44 <jlaska> I think you or adamw raised concern about missing important bugs because they didn't have their "paperwork" complete
17:47:02 <jlaska> not at all what you're trying to convey I know ... I'd just be worried it come off that way
17:47:05 <adamw> yeah, the SOP does actually ask that you note what criterion a bug impacts when you nominate it as a blocker, but obviously that doesn't always happen
17:47:05 <tflink> yeah, that is the difficulty of trying to review only the "processed" buts at the meeting
17:47:18 <adamw> an easy fix to that is we always discuss every bug at the meeting
17:47:27 <tflink> so we would still have to go over all the bugs at the meeting
17:47:27 <adamw> the advance processing is entirely optional, but if we do it, it helps out the meeting
17:47:52 <tflink> but if the process is successful, we would have less need to delegate pestering during the review meetings
17:47:53 <j_dulaney> adamw +1
17:47:54 <jlaska> incent the correct behavior?
17:48:09 <jlaska> you get imaginary awesome points for filing out the checklist ahead of time
17:48:17 <brunowolff> If we want people to attend the meetings, we need to keep the time needed to attend reasonable or we will just end up with a few die hards attending.
17:48:58 <brunowolff> Being able to quickly make decisions on bugs will help speed things up.
17:49:58 <j_dulaney> brunowolff:  I don't recall huge droves, ever.
17:50:09 <jlaska> hmm,m this is a tough nut to crack
17:50:27 <jlaska> I don't imagine we'll solve it right now ... but I think it's good that tflink raised it to get ideas flowing
17:50:27 <Viking-Ice> certainly however our meeting time is always tied to the amount of bugs we have to process and that we can not change thus if the meeting takes 4+ then it takes 4+ hours
17:50:47 <tflink> the only option there would be to have multiple weekly meetings
17:50:51 <adamw> well, i think we can overplay how badly things work now. i actually think it works pretty well. the numbers we have are quite nice, really.
17:50:53 <tflink> same total time, less time permeeting
17:51:04 <adamw> it'd get pretty unwieldy if we had 10+ people showing up every time...
17:51:19 <jlaska> in terms of too many people on IRC talking at once?
17:51:27 <tflink> adamw: I think that the process works fine. I just don't like the 4 hour meetings :)
17:51:46 <Viking-Ice> tflink, comes with the territory ...
17:51:49 <jlaska> #info Still searching for ways to reduce blocker meeting length
17:51:59 <tflink> another hope of mine is that there could be more async conversation in bz if more were processed
17:52:07 <jlaska> YES!
17:52:14 <tflink> ie get them solved outside the meeting
17:52:23 <jlaska> perhaps we should talk to a subset of active developers for what they'd like?
17:52:27 <Viking-Ice> yup that's the only way to solve that problem
17:52:30 <jlaska> do they like that we pull them into this meeting
17:52:40 <jlaska> perfect questions in bz, or private pings/emails etc...
17:52:55 <Viking-Ice> keep the process open
17:52:57 <jlaska> that's what this is all about right, trying to prioritize bugs for developer attn
17:53:14 <adamw> tflink: one simple idea is just: go ahead and start doing it
17:53:20 <jlaska> heh, that's truee
17:53:30 <tflink> adamw: wait, you mean do work? :-D
17:53:34 <adamw> there's absolutely nothing to stop us doing things in blocker bug comments outside of meetings; right now we just don't do it much
17:53:47 <tflink> I figured I could get it started but thought that I would ask for thoughts before I did
17:53:49 <adamw> so...go ahead and start posting questions and things in blocker bug comments, and we'll see how it goes
17:54:08 <adamw> no need to use any 'structured' stuff like keywords / whiteboard for now, keep it simple and if it works we can start formalizing it
17:54:19 <jlaska> another thought ... if the reporter/tester and the developer all agree something is a blocker ... there's no need to discuss it
17:54:24 <jlaska> just mark it blocker and move on, right?
17:54:24 <tflink> good point on the formalization
17:54:40 <Viking-Ice> adamw: wait we do this all the time so let's first set the criteria on how we can measure if we are actually improving things
17:55:10 <jlaska> do we want to provide a avg time per bug measurement at the end of each meeting?
17:55:13 <tflink> Viking-Ice: mean time/bug during meetings?
17:55:28 <tflink> shouldn't be too hard to parse that from the meetbot logs
17:55:47 <jlaska> would be nice for meeting to just spit out ... "Average time per #topic"
17:55:48 <adamw> jlaska: hum, i'm not entirely sure that holds: i think there've been cases where the reporter and developer haven't entirely understood the blocker definitions
17:55:56 <jlaska> adamw: so?
17:56:12 <Viking-Ice> some baseline of measuring we are very good at just starting doing stuff without actually having something to compare them with if they are doing good or bad
17:56:13 <adamw> jlaska: so, they could both think a bug is a blocker but it might not actually be one
17:56:15 <jlaska> I mean, that's not exactly correct ... but do we care in cases like that
17:56:40 <adamw> possibly, yeah. what if the dev doesn't manage to fix it in time? then we'd slip for a bug that shouldn't be a blocker...
17:56:44 <jlaska> adamw: the concern would be that fixing that "blocker", might introduce other problems?
17:56:51 <jlaska> no no
17:56:52 <adamw> that too
17:56:59 <jlaska> we always monitor approved bugs for progress
17:57:04 <jlaska> I don't think there's a way around that
17:57:24 <tflink> how would that be an improvement over what we already have?
17:57:33 <tflink> wouldn't we still end up reviewing the validity of the bug?
17:57:34 <jlaska> but do we need to inspect *every* blocker decision where the developer + tester/reporter agree already
17:57:43 <tflink> just doing it as an accepted blocker instead of proposed?
17:57:49 <adamw> Viking-Ice: i think in this case it should be pretty obvious to measure: if tim starts posting questions in bugs and no one replies, that's obviously fail. if we all start enthusiastically discussing things in comment threads and blocker meetings suddenly get faster, that's success. =)
17:58:08 * tflink starts sharpening his poking stick
17:58:35 <jlaska> tflink: yeah, it does move it to the accepted list, but only involves time in this meeting should the bug not be resolved in time
17:58:43 <jlaska> then we would need to reevaluate the deciion
17:58:55 <tflink> good point, I hadn't thought about that
17:59:00 * jlaska thinking outloud ... it's always been slightly annoying to second guess *every* proposed bug
17:59:12 <jlaska> I think we need to push some trust out
17:59:15 <tflink> if its fixed before the release, it wouldn't matter so much if it were 100% valid
17:59:36 <tflink> getting past code freeze could be an issue, but I'm not sure that risk is enough not to try
17:59:41 <jlaska> hmm, yeah
17:59:47 <j_dulaney> jlaska:  I don't think that it should be too hard to see if it fails a release criterion
18:00:15 <Viking-Ice> agreed
18:00:22 <jlaska> is this a new activity for the bug zappers community ... monitoring blocker submissions?
18:00:35 * jlaska stops for now ... otherwise I'll contribute to a long meeting again!
18:01:03 <tflink> either way, I'll start montoring new proposed blockers and we'll see what happens
18:01:14 <Viking-Ice> do it
18:01:33 <j_dulaney> to it
18:01:42 <jlaska> tflink: thanks for raising this here
18:01:46 * j_dulaney must go, time for noms
18:01:51 <jlaska> okay gang ... any other items to discuss?
18:01:57 * jlaska sets fuse for *1* minute
18:01:59 <j_dulaney> Actually, time to catch the bus to get noms
18:02:01 <j_dulaney> Peace
18:02:05 <jlaska> thanks, cya j_dulaney
18:02:11 <jlaska> #topic Open Discussion - last call
18:02:35 <jlaska> 30 seconds ..
18:02:41 * jlaska hums jeopardy theme
18:02:59 <jlaska> okay, thanks for your time everyone!
18:03:04 <rbergeron> it's almost as great as the hold music.
18:03:05 <rbergeron> Really.
18:03:11 <jlaska> let's find some more blockers between now and next Friday
18:03:16 <rbergeron> I wonder if alex feels that way when he hears the jeopardy theme :)
18:03:20 <jlaska> and of course, escalate them with care *and* criteria :D
18:03:30 <jlaska> rbergeron: love that hold musak :)
18:03:32 <jlaska> #endmeeting