16:06:23 <adamw> #startmeeting F13 Final Blocker Bug Review Meeting 2#2 010-04-23
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16:06:28 <adamw> whoops.
16:06:38 <adamw> #topic introduction
16:06:48 <adamw> welcome to the blocker bug review folks, i think we all know why we're here by now!
16:07:13 <Oxf13> adamw: serving a 1 to 3 stint.
16:07:19 <adamw> matt mccutchen kindly provided me with a better bugzilla link we can work from
16:07:19 <adamw> heh
16:07:42 <adamw> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?bug_status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=MODIFIED&bug_status=ON_DEV&bug_status=ON_QA&bug_status=VERIFIED&bug_status=RELEASE_PENDING&bug_status=POST&field0-0-0=blocked&query_format=advanced&type0-0-0=anywordssubstr&value0-0-0=507681%20514890%20539278%20545986&query_based_on=&columnlist=bug_severity,priority,op_sys,assigned_to,bug_status,resolution,short_desc,component&order=component
16:08:26 <Oxf13> that's a link!
16:08:35 <adamw> heh
16:08:47 <adamw> hold on, i just refined it, let me provide it as a short link. anyone have a favourite short link service?
16:09:09 * jlaska just uses tinyurl
16:09:09 <adamw> alrighty then
16:09:14 <adamw> #link http://tinyurl.com/2ufrvqt
16:09:23 <adamw> now we're sorted by component and then status. okay.
16:09:43 <adamw> so, let's get going...
16:09:47 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=569469
16:09:48 <buggbot> Bug 569469: medium, medium, ---, dlehman, NEW, ValueError: Cannot remove non-leaf device 'vda5'
16:10:20 <adamw> this is a jlaska
16:10:29 <adamw> it doesn't seem immediately clear why the needinfo flag is there
16:10:41 <adamw> on blockeriness - it's a partition layout issue and it's an apparently sane layout, so that seems clear
16:10:43 <jlaska> this came up ast week
16:10:57 * jlaska pulls up minutes
16:11:05 <adamw> oh, okay
16:11:09 * adamw didn't remember it
16:11:50 <Oxf13> hrm, we really need to start tagging the things we've already covered...
16:11:52 <jlaska> looks like we agreed that if this was a consistent reproducer, it would say
16:11:55 <jlaska> stay
16:12:09 <adamw> Oxf13: i started doing that more as we went along last week
16:12:17 <adamw> hopefully as we go through we should see more of those notes
16:12:32 <jlaska> I've got this queued up among the MODIFIED's for retest, we have a new anaconda now so this should happen over the next few days
16:12:46 <jlaska> #action jlaska will test 569469 again to determine if the reproducer is consistent
16:13:09 <Oxf13> adamw: yeah, but it'd be nice to do it in a queryable way so that we could sort by new issues vs existing issues
16:13:57 <adamw> oh, just a sec
16:13:59 <adamw> #chair jlaska
16:14:00 <zodbot> Current chairs: adamw jlaska
16:14:12 <adamw> can you do actions without chair or should we redo that one?
16:14:28 <jlaska> without according to the online docs
16:14:29 <Oxf13> you should be able to do it wihtout chair
16:14:32 <adamw> ok
16:14:41 <jlaska> topic and agreed need chair
16:14:43 <Oxf13> chair I think is only needed for #topic and #endmeeting
16:14:48 <Oxf13> oh and #agreed
16:15:17 <adamw> ok
16:15:32 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=534066
16:15:33 <buggbot> Bug 534066: medium, low, ---, anaconda-maint-list, NEW, Anaconda does not assign correct root partition to boot windows
16:15:56 <adamw> so we talked about this last week
16:16:01 <jlaska> dlehmand and clumens were going to discuss solutions on this
16:16:23 <adamw> dlehman will discuss solutions for 534066 with clumens and hansg
16:16:28 <adamw> anaconda-devel agreement reach on hansg suggestion ... should start moving forward
16:16:31 <adamw> those were the agreements
16:16:46 <adamw> shall we go bag us an anaconda dev at this point?
16:16:58 <jlaska> I tried ...
16:17:02 <adamw> ah
16:17:12 <jlaska> clumens is away fro mdesk, and I can't find dlehman right now ..
16:17:33 <adamw> well, not much we can do then, but i'll apply the pokey stick again in the bug
16:18:30 <adamw> #agreed 534066 status unchanged since last week, still with anaconda team to provide a fix
16:18:50 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=568528
16:18:55 <buggbot> Bug 568528: medium, low, ---, msivak, ASSIGNED, firewall --disabled still produces a blocking /etc/sysconfig/iptables
16:19:18 <adamw> again, discussed last week, haven't seen much change
16:20:05 <adamw> going by comment 13 it looks like we're waiting on Thomas Woerner here
16:20:49 <adamw> hi dcantrell
16:20:57 <dcantrell> hi
16:21:00 <adamw> we're up to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=568528
16:21:01 <buggbot> Bug 568528: medium, low, ---, msivak, ASSIGNED, firewall --disabled still produces a blocking /etc/sysconfig/iptables
16:21:52 * adamw wonders what lokkit is, and where responsibility for that lies. is it part of anaconda?
16:22:15 <jlaska> no, that's system-config-firewall-base
16:22:32 <adamw> because it seems the fix for this is somehow waiting on a change in lokkit
16:22:36 <jlaska> that's the dependent bug right?
16:22:38 <dcantrell> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=583986
16:22:43 <buggbot> Bug 583986: medium, low, ---, twoerner, NEW, lokkit creates firewall in selinux only mode
16:22:54 <jlaska> looks like there is a proposed patch in that bug
16:23:02 <adamw> ah, didn
16:23:02 <dcantrell> that one hasn't moved, so we can't get 568528 fixed yet
16:23:05 <Oxf13> waiting on a maintainer...
16:23:07 <adamw> 't notice there was a dependent bug
16:23:26 <Oxf13> wait a second
16:23:33 <adamw> thomas has assigned the bug to himself so presumably he intends to put the fix in place himself
16:23:43 <Oxf13> the bug is assigned to twoerner, and he posted the patch...
16:23:50 <Oxf13> .whoowns system-config-firewall
16:23:56 <zodbot> Oxf13: twoerner
16:24:08 <Oxf13> well.  That's an interesting way to track your own patches...
16:24:24 <adamw> Oxf13: hey, i like it. at least everyone else can see what's going on.
16:25:03 <Oxf13> adamw: as opposed to applying the patch in the public scm...?
16:25:05 <adamw> so basically we should probably just poke twoerner and make sure he knows it's a release blocker and should get priority
16:25:23 <adamw> i'm assuming there's a reason he hasn't done that yet...
16:25:26 <dcantrell> should probably also put that bug on the F13Blocker list too
16:26:56 <jlaska> dcantrell: okay, added
16:27:10 <jlaska> one level of indirection removed
16:27:24 <adamw> er, i don't think that's really correct
16:27:29 <adamw> if we use the tree view we see dependent bugs anyway
16:27:37 <adamw> and the bug in lokkit is not in itself a release blocker
16:28:14 <jlaska> if we consider /topic a blocker, doesn't that make this an implicit blocker?
16:28:31 <adamw> well sure, but that's already expressed by the fact /topic depends on this bug
16:28:38 <adamw> that's why bugzilla _has_ a dependency system
16:28:41 <jlaska> right ... I'm just extra expressing it :)
16:29:14 <adamw> oh well, it's not important, let's move on
16:29:28 <jlaska> we can drop it ... the mechanism isn't as important for me as just twoerner knowing his bug is blocking a blocker
16:29:52 <adamw> #agreed 568528 is waiting on action from twoerner in 583986
16:29:53 * jlaska removes link, but adds comment to that
16:30:00 <adamw> #action adamw to poke thomas in 583986
16:30:13 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=568219
16:30:18 <buggbot> Bug 568219: medium, medium, ---, dlehman, ASSIGNED, PartitionException: Too many primary partitions.
16:30:57 <adamw> so this is a straightforward one discussed last week, still waiting on anaconda team for fixes
16:31:21 <jlaska> mid-air collision ... adamw, you've got lightning fingers
16:31:24 <jlaska> :)
16:31:29 <dcantrell> I'll talk to dlehman about that one today and see where we are
16:31:50 <adamw> jlaska: actually i'd already written the comment, that was a retrospective #action =)
16:32:04 <adamw> dcantrell: okay, thanks
16:32:13 <adamw> #agree 568219 remains with anaconda team for action
16:32:28 <adamw> #action dcantrell to check in with dlehman on status of fix for 568219
16:32:41 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=504986
16:32:42 <buggbot> Bug 504986: medium, medium, ---, anaconda-maint-list, ASSIGNED, F11 x86-64 LiveUSB backtrace
16:33:10 <adamw> okay, so this is a newly-added one
16:33:14 <adamw> stickster added it for us to review
16:33:20 <jlaska> SystemError: (4, None)
16:33:20 <jlaska> Local variables in innermost frame:
16:33:20 <jlaska> what: /mnt/sysimage/var/www
16:33:20 <jlaska> removeDir: False
16:33:41 <jlaska> looks like an older bug that has resurfaced with F-13-Beta liveinst
16:33:48 <Oxf13> F11 ?
16:34:02 <Oxf13> interesting.
16:34:20 <adamw> reading through the comments, i'm not sure it 'resurfaced'
16:34:33 <adamw> i think it actually never went away when katzj thought it did
16:35:00 <dcantrell> I don't have anything to add to this.  Will have to get someone to try reproducing it again.
16:35:08 <adamw> if you look at the bug marked as dupe where automated tracebacks are going, we have tracebacks from f12 and f13 there
16:35:29 <jlaska> yeah
16:35:34 <adamw> dcantrell: stickster seems to have provided a fairly comprehensive description so hopefully that can reproduce it
16:35:49 <adamw> so, blockeriness - seems like a clear 'sane partition layout fail' to me
16:36:12 <adamw> wdyt?
16:36:40 <jlaska> sane yeah
16:36:43 <Oxf13> sure
16:36:47 <dcantrell> I think it's valid as a blocker
16:38:02 <adamw> ok
16:38:16 <adamw> #agreed 504986 is a valid blocker, anaconda team to investigate + fix
16:39:05 * dcantrell goes to refill caffeine
16:39:30 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=531629
16:39:32 <buggbot> Bug 531629: medium, low, ---, anaconda-maint-list, ASSIGNED, RuntimeError: Returning partitions to state prior to edit failed
16:39:47 <jlaska> No changes since last week on this
16:39:48 <adamw> this is another we discussed last week and agreed was a valid blocker
16:39:50 <adamw> yup
16:40:04 <jlaska> thanks to Alexander Boström for finding a much clearer reproducer!
16:40:54 <adamw> so, not much to do here
16:41:07 <adamw> #agreed 531629 remains a blocker, with anaconda team for action
16:41:35 <adamw> next we have a big clump of modified anaconda bugs, much the same clump as last week
16:41:55 <jlaska> you want to walk through them?
16:41:58 <adamw> i believe we've only just received a build with the anaconda that fixes those bugs, so we haven't had time to test yet
16:42:02 * dcantrell back
16:42:17 <jlaska> adamw: yeah, I'll be starting through my retest action items from last week on that build
16:42:27 <jlaska> and pinging the others for testing
16:42:34 <Oxf13> that build should be in the Branched compose today, used to make the images therein
16:42:40 <Oxf13> so prime point of retest
16:42:54 <adamw> if we have a build to test but haven't done the testing yet i don't think there's any need to step through y et
16:43:10 <adamw> we just need to make sure the retesting happens soon now :)
16:43:17 <Oxf13> yep
16:43:33 <adamw> so, we'll leave it with jlaska to do the retests and pings...thanks
16:43:42 <adamw> #topic Anaconda Modified Bug Clump
16:44:12 <adamw> #action as of today we have a tree with the proposed fixes in it. jlaska to retest the bugs he has filed/can reproduce, and ping other reporters to test the other bugs in the clump
16:45:36 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=577004
16:45:37 <buggbot> Bug 577004: medium, low, ---, metherid, ASSIGNED, "The folder contents could not be displayed" error on clean F13 Beta TC1 install
16:46:27 <adamw> okay, just tested this again on this system (which happens never to have run deja-dup before) and it didn't happen
16:46:29 <adamw> so looks fixed
16:46:36 <adamw> i think we can probably just close this and move on now
16:46:37 <jlaska> Rahul confirms too
16:46:41 <adamw> yeah
16:47:21 <adamw> #agreed 577004 is now fixed, adamw will close
16:47:42 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=557845
16:47:44 <buggbot> Bug 557845: is not accessible.
16:47:49 <drago01> ...
16:47:49 <adamw> heh
16:47:54 <adamw> this is a stray RHEL clone
16:48:16 <adamw> it happens occasionally; a Fedora bug is cloned into RHEL (because it happens in RHEL too) and the person who clones it forgets to correctly adjust it
16:48:30 <jlaska> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=557065
16:48:31 <buggbot> Bug 557065: medium, low, ---, lvm-team, CLOSED ERRATA, kpartx is inconsistent in how it handles logical partitions
16:48:59 <adamw> right, the original bug it was cloned from is fixed; nothing for fedora to worry about
16:49:06 <adamw> i'll take this off the f13blocker list and we can move on
16:49:10 <jlaska> okay, adjusted
16:49:20 <jlaska> oh, fast fingers got there again!
16:49:27 <jlaska> adamw: thanks! :)
16:49:31 <adamw> #agreed 557845 is a stray: Fedora bug cloned to RHEL and not taken off the f13blocker list
16:49:54 <adamw> next three bugs in the list are metas
16:50:05 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=584041
16:50:09 <buggbot> Bug 584041: medium, low, ---, notting, NEW, Fedora 13 icon and artwork polish bug
16:50:30 <adamw> oh, and so's this
16:50:38 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=576060
16:50:40 <buggbot> Bug 576060: medium, medium, ---, esandeen, ASSIGNED, FSResizeError: ('resize failed: 1', '/dev/sda2')
16:50:59 * Oxf13 gets confused.
16:51:58 <adamw> we're on 576060
16:53:02 <jlaska> hmm, did I forget to update this from last week?
16:53:13 <jlaska> I cloned this issue to handle for post-F13 (Fedora 14)
16:53:45 <jlaska> well, my clone was to update anaconda once the official Fedora 14 e2fsprogs change comes
16:54:01 <jlaska> and this bug isn't planned for Fedora 13 ... so I think we can move this off?
16:54:02 <adamw> it seems like this isn't actually broken?
16:54:15 <adamw> no, see comment #21
16:54:25 <jlaska> yeah, bcl has a workaround in place now
16:54:29 <adamw> it looks like f13 anaconda has been patched to work around a problem in e2fsprogs
16:54:39 <adamw> so the issue now is that if we put a fix in e2fsprogs for f13, we need to update anaconda for it
16:54:46 <adamw> sounds like the kind of thing that could turn around and bite us...
16:54:47 <jlaska> and it will need to be repatched once the real fix comes (and we've got a bz for that against F14)
16:55:21 <jlaska> /topic bug and the F14 anaconda change are linked together
16:55:24 <Oxf13> we decided last week to not do that in F13
16:55:28 <jlaska> so I think we can just remove this from F13Blocker
16:55:53 <adamw> right. but we should keep a tight eye on the e2fsprogs thing
16:56:05 <adamw> who's the e2fsprogs maintainer? are they fully aware _not_ to push whatever the fix is into f13?
16:56:13 <jlaska> adamw: are you worried about it changing  in F13 and breaking anaconda?
16:56:20 <jlaska> esandeen
16:56:24 <adamw> yeah, exactly. it's the kind of thing that happens
16:56:36 <jlaska> yup, wouldn't be a first
16:56:41 <Oxf13> sandeen said he wouldn't push it
16:56:45 <Oxf13> he didn't feel comfortable doing it
16:56:58 <adamw> 22 seems a bit unclear, i suspect he meant pre-f14 (not pre-f13) but i'd feel better with a confirmation :)
16:57:00 <Oxf13> but we can ask him again.
16:57:11 <adamw> so shall i close it just with a confirmatory note to eric?
16:57:23 <adamw> er, adjust, not close
16:57:24 <jlaska> adamw: no leave it open, but change it to Fedora 14
16:57:32 <jlaska> and drop from F13Blocker
16:57:35 <adamw> yeah, that's what i meant
16:57:36 <jlaska> how's that?
16:58:07 <jlaska> adamw: wouldn't hurt to have confirmation from sandeen ... one less worry
16:58:21 <Oxf13> brb, refueling
16:59:45 <adamw> #agreed we believe 576060 is not a problem in f13 as things stand, as long as the 'fix' is not applied to e2fsprogs in f13
17:00:08 <adamw> #action adamw to remove 576060 from f13blocker list and ask esandeen to confirm he will not 'fix' e2fsprogs in f13
17:00:23 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=582583
17:00:34 <buggbot> Bug 582583: high, low, ---, pablo.martin-gomez, ASSIGNED, The next button cannot be clicked in the install screen examine and change in partitionning
17:00:54 <adamw> oh good, i'm glad someone filed this. it's a bit of a head-banger, and i ran into it myself testing a french install
17:01:27 <adamw> i'm not convinced this is actually a localization issue, surely the real bug is in whatever implements the buttons?
17:01:49 <adamw> 'fixing' it by hoping people remember to keep their translations of anything which may appear in a button short enough seems a bit fragile
17:01:52 <jlaska> interesting bug ... good catch
17:02:52 <adamw> dcantrell: so the issue is that a button during install becomes unclickable in french because the translation is too long
17:02:58 <adamw> cantr: where's the bug? anaconda? gtk?
17:03:13 * dcantrell looks
17:03:19 <Oxf13> I'd initially think gtk
17:03:41 <adamw> oh, actually, it's not the button translation that's the problem
17:03:52 <adamw> it's the translation of the strings by the checkboxes
17:04:28 <dcantrell> yeah, this looks like translations, but within anaconda
17:04:31 <adamw> as comment 3 says, the checkboxes aren't actually meant to be level with the next/previous buttons
17:04:56 <adamw> clearly seems like something within the anaconda/gtk/whatever pipeline is too fragile, though, if an overlong translation can cause this behaviour
17:04:59 <jlaska> yeah, the attached screenshot demonstrates the alignment problem well
17:05:07 <dcantrell> the translations of all of the descriptions above shift the vbox down, which prevents the mouse from being able to hit the button
17:05:17 <dcantrell> since the invisible vbox "covers" the buttons
17:05:30 <adamw> ah, so it's the 'weight' of the whole bunch of translations making it all take up too much space
17:05:38 <dcantrell> yeah
17:05:42 <adamw> i see
17:05:45 <dcantrell> this hits us from time to time on german as well
17:06:03 <adamw> okay, now i understand it better
17:06:05 <dcantrell> german is usually the test language we use to make sure things fit on the screen
17:07:07 <dcantrell> so anyways, the translations for this need to be fixed up.  they are part of anaconda, but the bug would actually belong to the translation team I guess
17:07:15 <adamw> is there a chance to make anaconda more robust so this can't happen? or is all we can do keep an eye on the translations?
17:07:26 <adamw> yeah, that's the current state of the bug, i just wanted to check if there's a way to fix it better
17:07:28 <jlaska> are any glade changes needed to get the vboxes to line up?
17:07:34 <jlaska> or is it all just shortening the translation
17:07:43 <jlaska> yeah .. what adamw said :)
17:08:02 <adamw> i should probably commonbugs this for beta too
17:08:03 <dcantrell> we were talking about this the other day.  it's a combination of both that's needed, really
17:08:16 <dcantrell> since we've reduced text mode, we really can just start caring about the gui installer
17:08:28 <dcantrell> what we want to do is remove the restriction that requires anaconda to run at 800x600
17:08:32 <dcantrell> it's not 10 years ago anymore
17:08:47 <dcantrell> however, even with that gain in screen space, translators should be mindful of making strings too long
17:09:31 <adamw> i do own a system with only 768 physical vertical pixels which was manufactured last year, heh
17:09:38 <adamw> i think the last with only 600 was the original eee, maybe?
17:09:46 <dcantrell> yeah, it'
17:09:47 <adamw> well, i have an arm tablet which is 800x600 but i doubt that counts =)
17:09:51 <dcantrell> s certainly still a problem
17:10:03 <dcantrell> but we wanted to remove the forced 800x600 nature of anaconda
17:10:09 <dcantrell> if we have a larger screen, we should use it
17:10:22 <adamw> what does the low resolution fallback mode use?
17:10:22 <dcantrell> we can still scale down and run on netbooks though
17:10:32 <dcantrell> 640x480
17:10:43 <adamw> k
17:10:48 <Oxf13> dcantrell: would have also accepted "vnc" as an answer
17:10:50 <dcantrell> good old Vee Gee A.
17:10:52 <adamw> well, anyway, this meeting isn't the venue for detailed discussions
17:11:08 <adamw> important thing is everyone's on the ball here
17:11:12 <dcantrell> Oxf13: right, for special cases on screen space restrictions, we can always just have people use vnc
17:11:31 <adamw> and now dcantrell has a heads-up that l10n team will be requesting a rebuild of anaconda with the updated translations soonish
17:11:39 <dcantrell> consider the removal of the 800x600 restrictions on anaconda something we're working on for F14
17:12:03 <adamw> dcantrell: there is of course the general point that it's _always_ X years ago for the groups who recycle old systems, and some of those use fedora. but just a passing note
17:12:35 <adamw> #agreed 582583 is a blocker, l10n team will be providing updated translations, anaconda team will be ready to push an updated build
17:13:16 <dcantrell> adamw: sure, absolutely.  I'm not saying leave those people hanging, just work better with the screen that X gives us rather than shrink it down
17:13:30 <Oxf13> it's remove the restriction, not remove the mode.
17:13:39 <adamw> sure
17:13:43 <adamw> okay, moving on
17:13:56 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=571900
17:14:01 <buggbot> Bug 571900: medium, low, ---, jmccann, NEW, Keyboard mapping not correct (USA instead of Belgium) when first login after install Fedora 13 Alpha -
17:14:43 * dcantrell wonders if there is ever a Fedora release that *doesn't* have a keymap problem
17:14:53 <adamw> yeah, i've wondered that
17:14:58 <Oxf13> heh
17:15:10 <adamw> as i mentioned on test-list, i've added a couple of tests to try and catch these issues more reliably in our validation testing
17:15:25 <jlaska> a few areas have been fragile the last few releases, this is one that seems to keep popping up
17:17:45 <adamw> so is anaconda team okay with the current information from reporters on this one, dcantrell?
17:18:36 <dcantrell> adamw: 571900?  isn't that gdm?
17:18:49 <adamw> and do we agree this should be a blocker? i think so due to the implications for password entry
17:19:36 <adamw> dcantrell: whoops, yeah. though it should be plymouth as well, and it could be anaconda-related
17:19:52 <adamw> as the problem is with the keymap used on initial boot after install not being the keymap chosen during install...
17:20:34 <drago01> might be system-setup-keyboard not running for some reason _before_ firstboot
17:20:40 <adamw> actually they say they have the same problem with console login, so i doubt it's gdm-related.
17:20:48 <drago01> we currently just make sure that it runs before prefdm
17:20:50 <adamw> sounds like we're not sure where the problem actually is
17:21:21 <dcantrell> anaconda hands all keymap duties to s-c-keyboard
17:21:24 <adamw> ok
17:21:51 <adamw> i think for now it's probably a good idea to assign this to s-c-keyboard?
17:22:10 <drago01> system-setup-keyboard please
17:22:17 <drago01> yes I do take the blame for now
17:22:53 <adamw> okay
17:22:58 <adamw> so we can leave it with you to look at drago?
17:23:09 <drago01> yeah
17:23:11 <adamw> ok
17:23:20 <adamw> so, we didn't answer the blockeriness question
17:23:24 <adamw> do we think it's a blocker? +1 from me
17:23:28 <Oxf13> +1
17:24:34 <jlaska> +- 0 from me
17:25:05 <adamw> good enough for government work
17:25:15 <jlaska> central services!
17:26:55 <adamw> #agreed 571900 is a blocker, bug is likely around system-setup-keyboard
17:27:00 <adamw> #action drago01 to investigate 571900
17:27:16 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=584718
17:27:18 <buggbot> Bug 584718: medium, low, ---, davidz, NEW, File conflict between gnome-icon-theme-extras and gnome-icon-theme for F13.
17:27:37 <adamw> this is the icon theme conflict everyone's seen lately
17:27:42 <jlaska> yeah
17:27:48 <adamw> it looks like it's fixed with the latest package, just hasn't percolated through into the repos for everyone yet
17:28:13 <Oxf13> should make it into the stable branched repo today
17:28:31 <adamw> um.
17:28:32 <Oxf13> gnome-icon-theme-2.30.1-3.fc13 went stable
17:28:48 <adamw> oh yeah there it is. couldn't see it in bodhi for a minute
17:29:09 <adamw> i think since multiple people have confirmed it works with that build and that build's been pushed to stable, we can close?
17:29:22 <Oxf13> yeah, wish the bodhi ticket would have been hooked up to the bug
17:29:31 <adamw> yeah that would have been nice
17:29:38 <adamw> bad mclasen! slap
17:30:58 <Oxf13> what'd be nice is if our infrastructure would do this automatically, based on SCM commits and such
17:31:28 <jlaska> amen to that
17:31:58 <adamw> #agreed 584718 is fixed in -3.fc13 which has hit stable, bug can be closed
17:32:10 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=584603
17:32:11 <buggbot> Bug 584603: medium, low, ---, jreznik, ON_QA, goddard KDM and KSplash themes broken
17:33:45 <adamw> interesting, a kde polish bug. kde team seem to be handling it efficiently
17:34:15 <jlaska> Rex and Kevin are both all over that
17:34:44 <adamw> maybe we should poke the blockeriness nest of worms too hard for this one
17:34:59 <adamw> er, shouldn't poke the can
17:35:01 <adamw> sigh, i fail
17:35:22 <adamw> hai
17:35:48 <Oxf13> I say we keep this as a blocker.
17:35:56 <adamw> yeah, it's doing fine, let's just let it roll.
17:36:04 <jlaska> is it on the KDEBlocker too?
17:36:13 * jlaska confirms
17:36:14 <adamw> oh yeah, it's an indirect blocker anyway
17:36:16 <adamw> so that's fine
17:36:16 <jlaska> okay
17:36:21 <adamw> nothing to see here!
17:36:30 <jlaska> so ... no hard feelings all around :)
17:36:47 <adamw> #agreed kde team is all over 584603, no action needed
17:37:04 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=568106
17:37:05 <buggbot> Bug 568106: medium, low, ---, pjones, NEW, Unable to enter grub menu in F-13-Alpha with console=ttyS0
17:37:33 <jlaska> no updates on this one, still needs pjones or a qualified grub guru to poke at it
17:37:51 <adamw> you were supposed to be poking pjones =)
17:38:01 <jlaska> I did
17:38:04 <adamw> ah
17:38:10 <adamw> so, nothing much to add then...
17:38:33 <adamw> #agreed 568106 remains a blocker, jlaska pinged pjones as planned but he has not poked it yet
17:38:47 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=567325
17:38:48 <buggbot> Bug 567325: medium, low, ---, rrelyea, NEW, ifd-egate uses deprecated udev rules syntax
17:38:50 <jlaska> he might be swamped with rhel bugs, not sure
17:39:16 <adamw> another one from last week
17:39:58 <adamw> this was the one where we needed the maintainers to submit updates to bodhi for esc and coolkey
17:40:02 <adamw> so that ifd-egate can be killed
17:40:11 <adamw> looks like the esc update was submitted: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/esc-1.1.0-12.fc13
17:40:17 <adamw> coolkey has not been, though
17:42:53 <adamw> i would test and +1 the coolkey update but it appears to run into a (hopefully transitory) repo bug caused by nss...
17:42:57 <adamw> er, esc update*
17:43:19 * jlaska checking if coolkey maintainer is around
17:43:20 <Oxf13> probably just need to poke the maintainer on this.
17:43:23 <adamw> i suppose all we can do here is ask Bob again to submit the update? if he doesn't i'm not sure what else we can do
17:43:28 <adamw> i already did last week
17:43:31 <adamw> see the last comment on the bug
17:43:49 <Oxf13> I meant poke him again.
17:43:52 <Oxf13> aka nagmail
17:44:08 <adamw> yeah
17:44:25 <adamw> i suppose we could cc Jack magne since he also commits to coolkey
17:45:44 <adamw> okay, done
17:46:09 <adamw> #agreed 567325 remains a blocker, requires esc and coolkey updates before ifd-egate can be removed: esc update is submitted to bodhi but not yet coolkey
17:46:16 <adamw> #action adamw to nag coolkey maintainers to submit the update
17:46:31 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=577482
17:46:36 <buggbot> Bug 577482: medium, low, ---, rdieter, ON_QA, X server hogs the CPU
17:47:13 <adamw> this was a nasty bug, but from what i've seen, is fixed now
17:47:18 <Oxf13> ON_QA
17:47:21 <adamw> not sure why it's still ON_QA since the fixes seem to have gone sable
17:47:23 <adamw> stable*
17:47:23 <Oxf13> means its somewhere in bodhi right?
17:47:30 <jlaska> kde-settings-4.4-13.fc13.1 has been pushed to stable
17:47:31 <adamw> damn non-IBM keyboards
17:47:49 <adamw> let me just check with kevin
17:47:52 <Oxf13> interesting.
17:47:59 <Oxf13> if it's in stable, we should just close this
17:48:59 <adamw> Oxf13: i agree, just want to double-check with kevin first
17:49:56 <adamw> if he's not around we can just close it with a note to re-open if we're missing something
17:50:48 <adamw> okay, let's do that, no reply
17:50:59 <adamw> #agreed 577482 looks to be fixed already, can be closed
17:51:44 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=560087
17:51:45 <buggbot> Bug 560087: medium, low, ---, mchristi, NEW, [ INFO: possible circular locking dependency detected ] - iscsid/622 is trying to acquire lock:
17:52:18 <drago01> ...
17:52:24 <drago01> this is just a lockdep warning
17:52:35 <drago01> shouldn't be even visible when using a non debug kernel
17:52:56 <adamw> yeah, the action on this last week was for jlaska to re-test and see if it actually caused any problem
17:53:11 <adamw> i mentioned last week that 'errors' like this often aren't real problems
17:53:17 <jlaska> it doesn't appear to ... got to touch this a bit with yesterdays test day
17:53:42 <jlaska> but it's kind of a pantscon moment for users to see something like this
17:53:49 <adamw> well if drago's right then they won't
17:54:01 <adamw> since the final release kernel will be stripped as always
17:54:05 <jlaska> ah, I missed that, thanks drago01
17:54:23 <Oxf13> -1 blocker
17:54:30 <adamw> also, would you usually see it in a normal install? it's just a console message
17:54:36 <adamw> don't you only see it because you're doing vnc or something?
17:55:16 <jlaska> no, you'd see it
17:55:35 <jlaska> but I'm fine if this is only something we see with debugging kernel enabled
17:55:41 <adamw> where do you see it? usually when i've seen that kind of message it's only in a logfile or something
17:55:43 <jlaska> and that it doesn't seem to impact iSCSI
17:55:49 <jlaska> it's on the console
17:55:57 <jlaska> so whatever has /dev/console
17:56:39 <jlaska> I'm not in favor of holding for this given what we know
17:57:08 <adamw> okay, well, yeah, my point is, most people don't look at the console during install unless something *else* is wrong :)
17:57:43 <jlaska> yeah, I see your point.
17:58:02 <jlaska> but still feel that people would see this _if_ we shipped a kernel with debugging on for F-13 final
17:58:24 <jlaska> -1 from me too
17:58:24 <drago01> we shouldn't do that
17:58:47 <drago01> and we never did in the past for good reasons
17:59:19 <adamw> okay
17:59:23 <adamw> let's knock it off the list
17:59:42 <adamw> usually we get a kernel with no debugging a bit ahead of final release, so we should be able to confirm this before things are locked down
18:01:03 <adamw> #agreed 560087 doesn't cause any actual problems and should go away when debugging is disabled in the kernel: dropping from the blocker list
18:02:29 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=577059
18:02:33 <buggbot> Bug 577059: medium, low, ---, kernel-maint, NEW, Failure while swapping install discs on KVM guest (F12 virt host)
18:02:50 <jlaska> jforbes: do you have any updates on this one?
18:05:12 <jforbes> jlaska: I have a patch which might fix the issue, I am not positive though.  Should have an update this evening
18:06:17 <jlaska> jforbes: sweet, do you still agree with the blocker worthiness of this issue?
18:06:57 <jforbes> jlaska: I do as long as we are planning to ship multi-cds of F-13
18:07:04 <jlaska> jforbes: okay, thanks
18:07:16 <jlaska> this is still +1 for me ... and straightforward to test
18:07:37 <adamw> sure, don't think we need to change anything here
18:07:51 <adamw> #agreed 577059 remains a blocker, jforbes is working on it and believes he may have a patch
18:08:41 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=560628
18:08:43 <buggbot> Bug 560628: medium, low, ---, kernel-maint, MODIFIED, KMS: Disturbed display with 2.6.32.x / 2.6.33.x
18:09:09 <adamw> looks like we have a fix for this
18:09:33 <jlaska> initial positive test results in
18:09:37 <jlaska> from Mamoru
18:09:41 <adamw> just for general info, kernel -57 has a bumper crop of fixes for graphics stuff for all three major chipsets, so if you have any graphics issues it's a good idea to retest with that kernel
18:09:55 <adamw> yeah, 3 days ago, so i think we can ask him to confirm if it's still okay and, if so, take it as fixed in -57
18:10:35 <adamw> the -57 update is pending as https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=560628 , has mostly + karma so far, one 'it doesn't boot!'
18:10:36 <buggbot> Bug 560628: medium, low, ---, kernel-maint, MODIFIED, KMS: Disturbed display with 2.6.32.x / 2.6.33.x
18:11:29 <adamw> any other notes on this?
18:11:53 <jlaska> not here
18:12:00 <adamw> ok
18:12:12 <adamw> #agreed 560628 looks to be fixed with kernel -57
18:12:31 <Oxf13> yeah I need to update to -57 and see if my freezes in gnome-shell go away
18:12:33 <adamw> #action adamw to check in with mamoru that 560628 is still fixed, and close when kernel update is pushed
18:13:05 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=577142
18:13:07 <buggbot> Bug 577142: medium, low, ---, ajax, ON_QA, Glitches with GMA Mobile 945 and compiz enabled.
18:13:28 <adamw> as i noted, i'm actually seeing this bug on this system
18:14:23 <adamw> it looks like a mesa update fixes this problem but, in concert with a recent x server update, exposes a different problem
18:14:31 <adamw> ajax: around to comment on this?
18:15:16 <ajax> it's a bug, it has a fix, i just need to apply it
18:15:57 <drago01> ajax: the fix I used for the scratch build? (seems to work for me and one reporter)
18:16:03 <ajax> definitely nasty, but i'm trying to focus on another intel regression that involves keeping a lot of state in my head, so, that's taking my time atm.
18:16:09 <ajax> drago01: feel free to commit it, i think it's right.
18:16:16 <ajax> it'd save me some egg juggling.
18:16:17 <drago01> ajax: ok
18:16:45 <adamw> so basically if that mesa update gets pushed and the fix drago01 did a scratch build for gets pushed everything should be OK?
18:16:55 <drago01> yes
18:16:59 <adamw> excellent
18:17:10 <adamw> and i can test that here too, so we should have two testers on it
18:17:27 <adamw> i'll try and give the mesa+scratch build combo a test later and confirm it works too drago
18:17:38 <drago01> adamw: ok, thanks
18:18:03 <adamw> this is honestly a bit borderline to be a blocker, but the fact that it's a regression on a previously very solid chipset and a lot of people probably expect to be able to use compiz on systems like this tips it for me
18:18:12 <adamw> and the fact that we're fairly sure we can fix it helps =)
18:18:42 <adamw> ajax: what's the other intel regression you're focusing on, btw?
18:19:03 <adamw> Oxf13: jlask: what do you think about the blockeriness of this?
18:19:32 <Oxf13> yeah, probably a +1 from me
18:20:36 <jlaska> don't have a good handle on the # of impacted systems
18:21:07 <drago01> intel chipset + compiz / gnome-shell / kwin (with opengl compositing enabled)
18:21:35 <jlaska> I think we talked about hardware accel being a nice to have last week
18:22:01 <adamw> jlaska: yeah, that's generally the case, but we have to be pretty flexible with gfx
18:22:38 <adamw> jlaska: the number of affected systems here is likely very high as it affects the ol' favourite gm945
18:22:52 <adamw> which is in zillions of systems, especially middle-of-the-road laptops
18:22:57 <jlaska> yeah, true true
18:23:07 <adamw> and it's previously been a very solidly-supported chip, so people are likely to expect compiz to work on it by now
18:23:19 <adamw> it's probably been working for...seven or eight releases? long time anyway
18:23:24 <jlaska> I'm +1
18:23:46 <jlaska> trying to negotiate how to take in the right gfx fixes, without disrupting the existing working setups
18:23:51 <adamw> yeah
18:23:55 <jlaska> don't have an answer there
18:24:08 <jlaska> this discussion itself is probably part of it
18:24:09 <adamw> it's definitely a borderline one, but i'm okay to take it for now, especially since it looks like we'll get a fix soon anyhow
18:25:03 <adamw> #agreed 577142 is borderline but keeping on the blocker list for now, it looks like ajax and drago01 are on top of putting a fix in place
18:25:26 <adamw> #action drago01 to commit the mooted xorg fix (and push an update?), adamw and drago01 to test
18:25:56 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=571573
18:25:58 <buggbot> Bug 571573: medium, low, ---, laine, POST, SELinux is preventing /sbin/ip6tables-multi access to a leaked /proc/mtrr file descriptor.
18:27:25 <jlaska> 2 patches out for review still
18:27:51 <jlaska> an ACK on one of them
18:27:58 <jlaska> just need to ping the maintainer here?
18:28:06 <adamw> i guess so
18:28:12 <adamw> we accepted it as a blocker last week
18:29:19 <adamw> #agreed 571573 remains a blocker
18:29:23 <adamw> #action adamw to ping in the bug
18:29:49 <adamw> my dinner's ready now - we've got about another 10 bugs to go
18:29:59 <adamw> does someone else want to drive for a bit, or should we take a break for a bit?
18:30:14 <jlaska> +1 for short break
18:30:18 * jlaska needs to eat
18:30:40 <adamw> Oxf13: does that work with your schedule? 30 minutes break?
18:31:04 <Oxf13> yes
18:31:07 <Oxf13> I'll lunch it up
18:31:09 <adamw> okey dokey
18:31:17 <adamw> #topic on break till 3pm EDT
18:31:20 <jlaska> okay cya in 30 ...
18:31:22 <adamw> back in 30!
19:00:31 <adamw> ding ding
19:01:29 <jlaska> giddyup
19:02:27 <drago01> so doing a test install in kvm to look at the keyboard issue ... anaconda traceback -.-
19:02:44 <adamw> at what point?
19:02:48 <adamw> if it's live and the traceback is when you start up
19:02:54 <drago01> yes
19:03:00 <adamw> then do a 'service NetworkManager start' when the first anaconda screen comes up
19:03:09 <drago01> ok, thanks
19:03:19 <adamw> the bug is that anaconda causes NM to crash when it starts, so if you restart it before proceeding, you get around the bug
19:03:38 * adamw wonders if we actually have a blocker report filed for that =) oxf13 said someone was on top of it
19:04:00 <drago01> was just about to ask that ;)
19:04:31 <adamw> let's look at that when we're done walking the list
19:04:32 <jlaska> should be resolved in the next nightly I believe
19:05:07 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=567978
19:05:09 <buggbot> Bug 567978: medium, high, ---, dcbw, NEW, Unable to activate network in loader with [*] Enable IPv6 support
19:05:29 <Oxf13> back now
19:05:36 <Oxf13> so anaconda + NetworkManager went stable last night.
19:05:38 <jlaska> want to pull in dcbw?
19:05:45 <Oxf13> as soon as I can get this branched compose to finish it'll be in teh branched repo
19:06:04 <drago01> dcbw just left ...
19:06:23 <adamw> perfect timing
19:06:48 <jlaska> not much else we can do here, need his guidance I believe
19:07:14 <adamw> yeah
19:07:27 <adamw> i'm not sure who else's opinion he's waiting on
19:08:01 <adamw> i'll post a poke message in teh bug
19:08:21 <adamw> #agreed 567598 remains a blocker, waiting on dcbw to decide on a course in concert with others in the report
19:09:19 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=583299
19:09:20 <buggbot> Bug 583299: medium, medium, ---, hdegoede, MODIFIED, Parted should not canonicalize symlinks under /dev/mapper
19:09:56 * jlaska trying to understand impact
19:10:21 <jlaska> somehow it's adding /dev/dm-* devices into the mix during partitioning
19:11:07 <adamw> 583283 describes the impact, it appears to be a bug that stops install working
19:11:26 <adamw> in comment #1 hans describes it as 'We should not call partedDisk.commit on non partitionable devices which hold a disklabel, as the partition table reload ioctl will fail.'
19:11:38 <jlaska> right
19:11:53 <jlaska> not sure how to hit the bug though
19:11:56 <adamw> so it sounds like install fails at partition table commit stage if you have a 'non partitionable device' with a disklabel
19:13:13 <adamw> yeah, we don't have a description of the actual hardware involved in any bug i can see
19:13:23 <adamw> hansg doesn't seem to be online either
19:13:48 <jlaska> dcantrell: are you familiar with this one?
19:14:26 <dcantrell> jlaska: no
19:14:37 <jlaska> it's obviously an important issues for Hans to raise it, and it's being pulled into another product that rhymes with Shmell
19:14:42 <adamw> heh
19:14:53 <adamw> i think we can keep it on the list for now, pending more info from hans about the exact circumstances
19:14:58 <jlaska> I can reach out to Hans for some guidance on how we missed it
19:15:01 <jlaska> adamw: yeah
19:15:21 <adamw> the concept of a non-partitionable device seems odd
19:15:33 <adamw> especially a non-partitionable device anaconda would offer as usable during install
19:15:52 <adamw> anyhow...let's just ask hans in the bug for a clarification...don't think we need much else
19:17:01 <adamw> #agreed 583299 blocker status cannot be judged without more info on exactly what situations it affects. looks like hans has the fix in hand though
19:17:08 <adamw> #action adamw to ping hansg for more info on 583299
19:18:06 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=572148
19:18:07 <buggbot> Bug 572148: medium, low, ---, richard, NEW, Traceback when trying to update to Fedora 13 Alpha
19:18:43 <jlaska> I don't think there have been changes since your last post
19:18:48 <adamw> so we agreed last week this was a blocker
19:18:53 <adamw> it seemed like a fix was available
19:18:59 <adamw> we need the updated preupgrade in f12 to consider this closed
19:19:29 * jlaska confirms no preupgrade update exists in bodhi
19:20:07 <adamw> yep
19:20:13 <adamw> so we need a re-ping of richard here
19:20:32 <jlaska> set phazers to annoy!
19:20:55 <adamw> =)
19:21:07 <adamw> #agreed 572148 remains a blocker, still waiting for hughsie to submit the update
19:21:27 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=575400
19:21:29 <buggbot> Bug 575400: medium, low, ---, richard, ASSIGNED, Preupgrade generated kickstart with an error
19:22:25 <adamw> looks like same story as the last bug
19:22:31 <adamw> fixed build is available, not submitted as an update
19:22:59 <jlaska> okay
19:24:26 <adamw> #agreed 575400 same story as 572148: fixed preupgrade is available but has not been submitted as an update
19:24:38 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=583484
19:24:39 <buggbot> Bug 583484: high, low, ---, hdegoede, ON_QA, installer reports unhandled exceptions after selecting drives
19:25:03 * jlaska notes ... hans has a good bugzilla demeanor
19:25:18 <adamw> indeed
19:25:26 <adamw> looks like this one's nicely in progress
19:25:29 <jlaska> yeah
19:25:35 <jlaska> anonymous karma
19:25:38 <adamw> this is newly added to the blocker list
19:25:39 <jlaska> (positive karma)
19:25:53 <adamw> it looks like a clear blocker though, given the symptoms
19:26:25 <adamw> "Making this an F13Blocker as it breaks installation on any dmraid using BIOS
19:26:25 <adamw> RAID (so not Intel BIOS RAID) system with an extended partition. "
19:26:29 <adamw> nice of hans, that makes it very clear
19:26:42 <jlaska> definitely, thank you Hans! :D
19:27:07 * adamw wonders why python-pyblock isn't considered critical path, if it's involved in installation
19:27:21 * jlaska checks
19:27:43 <jlaska> it is
19:27:56 * jlaska confirmed python-pyblock is listed on http://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/mash/branched-20100421/logs/critpath.txt
19:28:03 <jlaska> adamw: good sanity check
19:28:56 <adamw> oh ok
19:29:09 <adamw> doesn't bodhi's web interface tell you if the update is critpath?
19:29:17 <adamw> oh yes it does
19:29:19 <adamw> i just missed it
19:29:21 * adamw hits self in face
19:29:40 <adamw> so one of us should probably confirm installation works with that python-pyblock package, and +1 the update
19:30:05 <adamw> and i'm off the hook for that as I can't test installs atm, hah! oh wait, crap, there's a 700GB NAS drive in the corner. no i'm not.
19:30:20 <jlaska> heh
19:31:29 <adamw> testing the actual bug is trickier, but the report confirms it fixed that
19:31:58 <adamw> #agreed 583484 is a blocker (vote of thanks to hansg for the awesome bugzilla work), fix looks good
19:32:11 <adamw> #action adamw to test install with the updated python-pyblock and +1 the update if it works
19:32:42 <jlaska> adamw: thanks, I can add to my list as well once I get through the MODIFIED bugs
19:35:23 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=545986
19:35:24 <buggbot> Bug 545986: medium, low, ---, wb8rcr, ASSIGNED, F13 Release Notes Blocker
19:35:29 <jlaska> 2 ASSIGNED, 2 MODIFIED, 1 ON_QA ... almost there
19:36:00 <jlaska> this is just a tracker right?
19:36:12 <adamw> oh yes
19:36:16 <adamw> wasn't paying attention
19:36:23 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=583659
19:36:24 <buggbot> Bug 583659: medium, low, ---, dwalsh, MODIFIED, SELinux context wrong after using preugprade
19:36:27 <jlaska> adamw: unusual for you, that's my job! :)
19:36:45 <adamw> hehe
19:36:53 <adamw> well I *was* paying attention...to the v guide
19:36:54 <adamw> tv
19:36:56 <jlaska> this is looking good, just dwalsh is asking for karma
19:36:58 <adamw> damn this keyboard!
19:37:27 <adamw> indeed, we all should have selinux-policy installed so we can all +1 it (assuming it's good for us)
19:37:42 <jlaska> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/selinux-policy-3.7.19-2.fc13
19:37:43 <adamw> it does seem like a blocker to me
19:38:40 <jlaska> yeah, not sure how others feel, but for any selinux-policy changes that are relaxing permissions, I tend not to be as worried about those
19:39:24 <jlaska> but that's a different discussion
19:39:39 <jlaska> +1 for blockeryness
19:40:04 <adamw> #agreed 583659 is a blocker, update requires karma: everyone get to your bodhimobiles
19:40:37 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=558875
19:40:38 <buggbot> Bug 558875: high, high, ---, dkopecek, MODIFIED, no valid sudoers sources found
19:41:56 <adamw> this is a bit of a head scratcher, not sure why it's just turned up on the list
19:42:14 <adamw> i don't use sudo, but just tried it and it seems to behave
19:42:16 <jlaska> everything seems primed for this to be resolved
19:42:19 <adamw> so i presume this has got fixed in the meantime
19:42:27 <adamw> i definitely have a higher build than this was reported against
19:42:45 <adamw> i don't think 'sudo doesn't work' is really a blocker anyway, but if we can close it we don't have to care
19:43:16 <Oxf13> I tink we can close it
19:44:20 <Oxf13> I have a much newer one and sudo works for me
19:44:42 <Oxf13> and my /etc/sudoers.d/ is empty
19:44:47 <Oxf13> (which I just had to use sudo to verify)
19:45:57 <adamw> ok
19:46:04 <adamw> #agreed 558875 seems to be resolved, we will close the bug
19:46:16 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=523914
19:46:18 <buggbot> Bug 523914: medium, high, ---, peter.hutterer, ASSIGNED, Mouse does not move in PV Xen guest under RHEL-5.4
19:46:35 <adamw> peter says it's fixed in currnet
19:46:37 <adamw> x erver
19:46:46 <adamw> ...seriously, i'm gonna set this keyboard on fire soon.
19:48:30 <adamw> so we need someone to re-test this
19:48:31 <jlaska> so we should move the bz to MODIFIED?
19:49:06 <adamw> yep
19:49:11 <adamw> i'll do that and ask andrew to re-test
19:49:17 <adamw> i think that covers it
19:50:08 <adamw> #agreed 523914 has a fix that needs testing
19:50:42 <adamw> #action adamw to update 523914 to MODIFIED and ask andrew jones to re-test it
19:51:26 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=582468
19:51:27 <buggbot> Bug 582468: medium, low, ---, peter.hutterer, ASSIGNED, X server uses the wrong configuration directory
19:52:08 * jlaska reading bz
19:52:46 <jlaska> okay, so this is adjusting to use the proper xorg.conf.d directory locations chosen by upstream
19:53:00 <adamw> yeah
19:53:01 <Oxf13> yeah there were a number of updates in flight to get this sorted out
19:53:06 <adamw> looks like all the changes are done and the updates just need pushing
19:53:07 <Oxf13> and I'm not sure the status of them overall
19:53:16 <Oxf13> some are likely waiting on karma
19:53:59 <adamw> peter says "All packages have the karma required"
19:54:08 <adamw> though he may not be aware they need 1+1 if they're critpath, not sure
19:54:31 <jlaska> fpit (whatever that is) has no karma
19:54:43 <adamw> yeah, he says except fpit
19:54:52 <adamw> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/xorg-x11-drv-wacom-0.10.5-2.fc13 has high karma but no trustedtesters karma
19:55:10 <adamw> ditto vmmouse
19:55:20 <adamw> all others have been pushed
19:55:37 <adamw> so, we just need to add proventesters feedback on those two. i guess for now we could just +1 them blind given the weight of feedback
19:56:04 <adamw> #info xorg-x11-drv-wacom and xorg-x11-drv-vmmouse need proventesters karma
19:56:07 <Oxf13> yeah I think that's fair
19:56:12 <jlaska> I don't have any wacom for testing, vmmouse is virt right?
19:56:14 <Oxf13> proxy the proven packager +1
19:56:17 <Oxf13> er proven tester
19:56:27 <adamw> vmmouse is for vmware i believe
19:56:28 <Oxf13> we might have overreached on our critpath for some of these drivers
19:56:39 <adamw> i think they're in as deps of the drivers virt package
19:57:01 <jlaska> adamw: yeah ...
19:57:02 <jlaska> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/selinux-policy-3.7.19-2.fc13
19:57:05 <adamw> perhaps we should ditch that from critpath and instead include a handpicked list of actually important drivers
19:57:10 <jlaska> errgh, wrong paste buffer
19:57:11 <jlaska> depsolving   61/ 245 (xorg-x11-drivers)
19:57:16 <jlaska> added xorg-x11-drv-vmmouse
19:57:26 <jlaska> added xorg-x11-drv-wacom
19:57:36 <adamw> anyway, not a discussion for this meeting
19:57:55 <adamw> #agreed 582468 is a blocker, looks fixed except two updates require proventester karma
19:58:08 <jlaska> #idea Should we only use a subset of handpicked xorg-x11-drv-* packages for critpath?
19:58:08 <adamw> #action adamw to add proxy karma to those updates as multiple testers have reported them as ok
19:59:25 <Oxf13> the problem is xorg-x11-drivers requires like all the drivers evar
19:59:38 <Oxf13> so in some sense, they're all critpath in that they shouldn't break deps
19:59:43 <Oxf13> but as far as functionality goes...
19:59:48 <jlaska> Oxf13: ah, I see
20:00:38 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=579756
20:00:39 <buggbot> Bug 579756: medium, low, ---, ajax, ON_QA, closing clutter games sometimes crashes the X server
20:00:50 <drago01> this one should be fixed now
20:00:52 <adamw> last one!
20:00:57 <Oxf13> woop woop
20:01:08 <adamw> indeed
20:01:40 <jlaska> karma -3
20:02:20 * drago01 suggests closing the bug
20:02:31 <adamw> drago01: know anything about the apparent bug in -7?
20:03:02 <adamw> looks like https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=584832  is the report
20:03:04 <buggbot> Bug 584832: high, low, ---, ajax, NEW, xorg-x11-server-1.8.0-7.fc13 hangs when compiz starts
20:03:27 <adamw> ajax: sounds like that's yours, and not directly related to the fix for the bug we're discussing right noiw
20:03:37 <adamw> but hey, we should definitely make that a blocker too :)
20:03:53 <adamw> drago01: not keen on closing it without at least one definite confirmation that it fixes the bug
20:04:30 <drago01> adamw: ok, makes sense
20:04:50 <drago01> adamw: about the compiz hang no idea of hand ...
20:05:46 <drago01> adamw: could ask him to try -8 ... fixes a bug introduced in -7 ... not sure if it is related though
20:06:14 <adamw> no, it's not
20:06:16 <Oxf13> I also noticed my system would hang after a number of minutes if I had compositing going
20:06:32 * jlaska needs to step away ... brb
20:06:35 <Oxf13> I was going to reboot to the latest koji kernel to see if it still happens
20:06:53 <drago01> Oxf13: what kernel are you using right now?
20:07:12 <adamw> okay, now i'm confused
20:07:17 <Oxf13>
20:07:36 <Oxf13> it was after a did a big set of updates, so I'm not sure if it's kernel, or X or something else related
20:07:42 <Oxf13> still attempting to narrow it down.
20:08:24 <drago01> ok trying a -56+ might help (iommu is of for gfx + contains some drm fixes)
20:08:51 <Oxf13> yeah, I have -60 pulled down
20:09:03 <Oxf13> but if that still locks up, it's gotta be something else I think.
20:10:02 <adamw> okay. since matthias filed this bug and he's done what he wanted to do to fix it, i think we can consider it fixed once a new enough x server version is accepted
20:10:12 <adamw> we can't close it yet as -7 won't pass testing due to the other bug
20:11:04 <adamw> so i think we just leave it for now
20:11:46 <adamw> sound okay?
20:12:27 * jlaska back
20:13:53 <adamw> #agreed fixes for 579756 are in xorg-x11-server since rev 7, but that has other problems. bug can be closed when a newer xorg-x11-server is accepted in stable
20:15:22 <adamw> okay, so we're done walking the list
20:15:35 <adamw> i think we can definitely consider https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=584832 a blocker now, though
20:15:36 <buggbot> Bug 584832: high, low, ---, ajax, NEW, xorg-x11-server-1.8.0-7.fc13 hangs when compiz starts
20:16:19 <adamw> jlaska: oxf: agree to add it to the list?
20:17:36 <drago01> +1
20:19:58 * jlaska looking
20:21:11 <adamw> vpv in the bodhi ticket claims a crash *without* compiz, which seems odd. maybe he has compositing enabled?
20:21:21 <adamw> mrunge doesn't specify
20:21:51 <jlaska> does this line up with the /topic bug ... tracking problems with the -7 build?
20:22:17 <adamw> this seems to be a regression in -7
20:22:22 <adamw> -7 was introduced to fix the topic bug
20:22:30 <adamw> so it seems like the fix for the topic bug causes this regression for others
20:22:36 <jlaska> yeah ... poorly phrased, but that's what I meant
20:22:43 <jlaska> this is tracking the new problems introduced w/ -7
20:23:14 <jlaska> is there end in sight for this issue?  Or will fixing this open up others etc...
20:23:35 <jlaska> that's a hard question to answer ... just thinking about keeping it from snowballing on us
20:24:04 <drago01> well that is a question for ajax or krh
20:24:34 <adamw> yeah
20:24:38 <adamw> ajax: still around?
20:25:04 <drago01> but anyway we shouldn't release with a broken xserver like that ... so this should be a blocker imo
20:25:38 <jlaska> there seems to be enough - karma against -7, so I agree with drago01
20:27:09 <adamw> okay
20:27:27 <adamw> in any case, if we leave both bugs on the blocker list we'll definitely come back to it next week, at which point hopefully things may be clearer :)
20:27:32 <jlaska> right
20:28:54 <adamw> #agreed 584832 (a regression introduced by the fix for 579756) should also be added as a blocker
20:29:29 <adamw> one other thing that came up earlier...
20:29:38 <adamw> #topic live installer NetworkManager bug
20:29:50 <adamw> apparently this ought to be fixed soon, but is there a bug filed for it?
20:32:40 <adamw> i couldn't find one easily
20:33:10 <jlaska> yeah ...
20:33:32 <jlaska> .bug 581794
20:33:32 <drago01> Oxf13: said that the fix should be in the next compose
20:33:33 <buggbot> Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=581794 medium, low, ---, dcbw, CLOSED ERRATA, D-Bus error mishandling in ifcfg-rh
20:33:34 <zodbot> jlaska: Bug 581794 D-Bus error mishandling in ifcfg-rh - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=581794
20:33:35 <buggbot> Bug 581794: medium, low, ---, dcbw, CLOSED ERRATA, D-Bus error mishandling in ifcfg-rh
20:34:24 <adamw> looks like it's https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=581794
20:34:26 <buggbot> Bug 581794: medium, low, ---, dcbw, CLOSED ERRATA, D-Bus error mishandling in ifcfg-rh
20:34:26 <adamw> ...oh heh
20:34:31 <adamw> this time you beat me :)
20:35:05 <jlaska> adamw: I only had to make sure you used a sub-optimal keyboard
20:35:06 <jlaska> moohahaha
20:35:20 <adamw> so it was marked as a blocker but the update got pushed, closing it
20:35:24 <adamw> okay, looks like all's in order here
20:37:17 <adamw> #agreed this issue was bug #581794 but it's correctly marked as blocker and then fixed, all in order
20:37:18 <buggbot> Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=581794 medium, low, ---, dcbw, CLOSED ERRATA, D-Bus error mishandling in ifcfg-rh
20:37:22 <adamw> #topic any other business
20:37:31 <adamw> so, that's all i can think of; anything else to add? any other bugs to consider?
20:38:20 <jlaska> nothing pressing from me right now
20:38:30 <jlaska> pleased to see more maintainer contributions to the blocker list
20:38:51 <jlaska> We need to work through the MODIFIED bugs to make sure things are moving in the right direction
20:38:59 <adamw> yup
20:39:10 <adamw> and by 'we' i mean 'you' =)
20:39:11 <jlaska> and we've got a one more test day, and several validate events lined up to shake out any stragglers
20:39:22 <jlaska> adamw: 'we' got it :)
20:39:30 <jlaska> where, of course, s/we/you/
20:40:10 <adamw> i can see this is going ot go well
20:40:40 <adamw> alright then, let's end this torture
20:41:06 <adamw> i note we came in at a sprightly 4hrs 10mins this week, if we leave out the meal break
20:41:44 <adamw> thanks everyone!
20:41:47 <adamw> #endmeeting