15:01:09 <jlaska> #startmeeting F-12-Blocker bug review (part#1)
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15:01:14 <jlaska> #chair adamw
15:01:14 <zodbot> Current chairs: adamw jlaska
15:01:27 <jlaska> #topic gathering
15:02:14 <jlaska> We'll be trying to take a bite out of the F12Blocker list today ... if you're here to help review, say 'hi' :)
15:02:23 <adamw> morning
15:02:29 <adamw> alright, i've got a plan
15:02:34 <jlaska> shoot
15:02:38 <adamw> take all the bugs off the list, ship the release and let me go back to bed
15:02:40 <adamw> sound good? :)
15:02:49 <jlaska> hah!
15:03:03 <jlaska> I think that would hit one aspect of our goals ... the shipping on time part
15:03:11 <jlaska> and it would be kwality
15:03:37 <jlaska> adamw: besides, you'd just be dreaming about these bugs anyway
15:03:54 <jlaska> alright ... shall we start the ball rollin'
15:04:01 <adamw> alright
15:04:07 * Oxf13 here
15:04:11 <jlaska> want to sort by component?
15:04:13 * mejla looking too
15:04:21 * thomasj lurks
15:04:22 <Oxf13> moving slowly but here.
15:04:32 <adamw> sort however you like, they're all just bugs to me, man
15:04:52 <jlaska> alrighty
15:05:14 <jlaska> #info Walking through a sorted by-component list of F12Blocker bugs -- http://tinyurl.com/yk9wehr
15:05:36 <jlaska> Oxf13: mejla: thomasj: howdy, thanks for joining :)
15:05:55 <zcat> quick question: no btrfs bugs can be classed as blockers, since it's non-default, correct?
15:06:22 <adamw> zcat: i would say so, yeah.
15:06:34 <zcat> righto. thanks.
15:06:37 <adamw> i think you still need the sekrit kernel parameter to use it during install at all.
15:07:27 <jlaska> alrighty ... let's get started ...
15:07:43 <jlaska> first up ... alsa-lib
15:07:53 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=514000
15:07:58 <buggbot> Bug 514000: medium, low, ---, jkysela, ASSIGNED, Aureon 5.1 MkII can't do 5.1 anymore
15:08:35 * jlaska reading
15:08:39 <Oxf13> that's audio
15:09:02 <jlaska> I just see the pacmd output ... not stmt of what is or isn't workign
15:09:23 <jlaska> just 5.1 I guess
15:09:32 <adamw> i think this was changed somewhat as it went along
15:09:49 <adamw> as filed by bastien and set for blocker list, I think it affects _all_ devices that can do 5.1 analog audio
15:10:14 <adamw> that was fixed
15:10:30 <jlaska> These are the 5.1 profiles. You get 5.1 out, 5.1 out plus 2.0 in, and 5.1 out
15:10:32 <adamw> then re-opened, but the re-opening is really a different bug, which seems specific to hlavinka...on current evidence anyway
15:10:34 <jlaska> plus spdif in. Looks complete to me.
15:10:36 <jlaska> from comment#13
15:11:02 <adamw> yes, that was when the original bug got fixed
15:11:11 <adamw> sigh, this is why we keep telling people to file different bugs :)
15:11:16 <jlaska> I think Jaroslav Kysela can probably assess the current state with the attached alsa-info file
15:11:37 <adamw> i would be in favour of dropping this from the list given the above
15:12:20 <jlaska> no objections here ... we can add a new bug back on the list if something comes out of review from jaroslav's assessment of the alsa-info file
15:12:53 <jlaska> objections?  3 ... 2 ...
15:13:53 <jlaska> #agreed Reported problem in 514000 is now resolved.  This can be remove from blocker list.  Any other issues should be filed as new bugs
15:14:04 <jlaska> next up ...
15:14:07 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=529225
15:14:08 <buggbot> Bug 529225: medium, low, ---, jkysela, NEW, speakers of my notebook doesn't work (headphones are OK)
15:14:24 <jlaska> filed by mcepl who just left iirc, rats
15:15:31 <jlaska> has the attached alsa-info ... I'm sure he's already tried all different volume sliders to adjust?
15:15:36 <adamw> i dunno. i mean, erf. it's straightforward...are we going to delay the release for 'the speakers on this system don't work'?
15:15:56 <adamw> if so i can throw another ten bugs on the blocker list. so, um. not sure.
15:16:00 <jlaska> dunno yet how many systems this affects ... I woudl suggest removing until we know more
15:16:34 <adamw> typically this type of bug is unique to the particular adapter
15:16:52 <tk009-12> should be removed
15:16:58 <adamw> it's just a model quirk problem in snd-intel-hda
15:17:19 <adamw> i'd LIKE to fix every existing problem like this before we release, but...um. we only have the one jaroslav. :)
15:17:23 <adamw> anyway, i'll triage it.
15:17:39 <thomasj> I have the opposite problem, not a blocker to me.
15:18:11 <jlaska> adamw: even if card specific ... I Think we could then determine how many of these cards are out there
15:18:22 <jlaska> as best we can of course ... using smolt
15:18:56 <adamw> well that's very easy if you can search by subsystem ID using smolt, and impossible if you can't.
15:18:57 <jlaska> so I have a few votes for removing this from the list ... and it needs triage for devel review
15:19:20 <adamw> if you can search for subsystem PCI IDs (i.e. subv and subd) in smolt, search for 17aa:20f2 .
15:19:32 <jlaska> adamw: I believe we've grabbed that before w/ mmcgrath's help
15:19:40 <adamw> that's how intel-hda devices are identified, by subsystem ID.
15:19:47 * jlaska checks awesome bar
15:20:19 <Oxf13> I vote for not a blocker
15:20:47 <jlaska> #help Can smolt provide a list of systems when searching by sybsystem PCI ID's (i.e. 17aa:20f2)
15:21:16 <jlaska> #agreed 529225 needs triage or devel review before we can add as a F12Blocker
15:21:38 * jlaska keeps moving ... stop me if there are questions
15:21:48 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=466377
15:21:50 <buggbot> Bug 466377: medium, medium, ---, jkysela, NEW, alsactl segfaults in a boot sequence
15:22:38 <jlaska> an oldie
15:23:48 <jlaska> looks like mcepl raised this as a blocker "missing sound"
15:24:17 <jlaska> it's shame this has been going on since F10 ... but I would think the missing sound would need to be a widespread problem
15:24:30 <jlaska> anything from this issue jumping out to folks?
15:24:54 <jlaska> perhaps getting a backtrace from the segfault
15:25:01 <jlaska> posted in comment#13?
15:25:13 <adamw> agreed. also, the bug doesn't actually say sound is missing. the actual impact may be to prevent sound working from boot, but a manual 'alsaunmute; alsactl restore' after boot would likely solve that
15:25:33 <adamw> so there's a relatively simple workaround
15:25:46 <jlaska> so 2 things are needed then?
15:25:51 <jlaska> 1 - a backtrace
15:26:02 <jlaska> 2 - clarification on the core problem (missing sound or volume on boot issue)?
15:26:08 <adamw> this seems pretty specific to michal too, since it's been open for a year and no-one's commented or reported a dupe
15:26:21 <adamw> i'm not sure he can get a backtrace
15:26:26 <adamw> since he can only reproduce the segfault at boot time
15:26:44 <adamw> if he runs alsactl manually later (as jaroslav suggested), it works
15:26:44 <jlaska> ah .. too early for abrt (or gdb) then
15:27:04 <jlaska> is that running in the ramdisk (shouldn't right)
15:27:05 <adamw> yeah, unless interactive boot actually works (has anyone tested that in the last year?) and he could run it through gdb at _that_ point, somehow
15:27:23 <adamw> i don't actually know how it's implemented in fedora, hold a sec
15:27:29 <jlaska> #info possibly further isolate the segfault to obtain a backtrace
15:28:02 <Oxf13> interactive booting may have broke with upstart, not sure
15:28:27 <jlaska> what is it ... sysctl that can turn on automatic core dumps?
15:28:29 <adamw> oddly, i can see where alsactl is run on shutdown, but not where it's run on startup. heh.
15:28:46 <adamw> anyway, we're here to assess blocker status, not triage everything
15:28:50 <adamw> we'll be here for hours that way
15:28:57 <jlaska> yes yes
15:28:57 <jlaska> :)
15:29:07 <adamw> how about if we decide it's not a blocker we move on?
15:29:08 <jlaska> #info needs clarification as to whether the boot volume is low ... or sound doesn't work at all
15:29:18 <adamw> anyone who feels the urge to triage can do so at their leisure =)
15:29:18 <jlaska> I think I heard it already ... not a blocker?
15:29:23 <Oxf13> not a blocker
15:29:26 <adamw> i believe that was the consensus
15:29:51 <jlaska> #agreed 466377 not a blocker bug
15:29:57 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=523768
15:29:58 <buggbot> Bug 523768: medium, low, ---, jkysela, ASSIGNED, [abrt] crash detected in alsa-utils-1.0.21-2.fc12
15:30:01 <jlaska> speaking of abrt crashes
15:30:08 <cebbert> i don't see how sound problems can be a blocker unless they affect a lot of machines
15:30:34 <jlaska> cebbert: I agree ... # of affected users is a consideration
15:30:51 <jlaska> mcepl points to the previous bug in this issue
15:31:13 <adamw> mcep: we mean any one particular bug affects a lot of machines
15:31:18 <adamw> oh heh
15:31:36 <jlaska> this on is on jaroslav for responding on the SIGSEGV
15:31:48 <jlaska> I don't have any indications that this hits a lot of users ... am I missing it?
15:31:51 <thomasj> Well, *real* sound problems (beside some PA issues) are very rare in #fedora. If that helps you.
15:32:02 <adamw> jlaska: no, i don't see any such indication either.
15:32:36 <jlaska> any objections to removing this issue from the blocker list and letting it continue to develop?
15:32:51 <cebbert> i just fixed bug 524414 by turning off powersave by default
15:32:52 <buggbot> Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=524414 medium, low, ---, jkysela, CLOSED RAWHIDE, Cracking sound with snd-intel8x0
15:33:03 <jlaska> #info no indications that this affects a *lot* of users
15:33:20 <jlaska> #agreed remove 523768 from the blocker list
15:33:21 <adamw> cebbert: yay, you are awesomes
15:33:39 <jlaska> okay ... next up ...
15:33:39 <cebbert> we do still have the popping sound on intel hda, affecting many/most users
15:33:52 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=493058
15:33:54 <buggbot> Bug 493058: high, low, ---, jgranado, MODIFIED, Custom partitioning creation/edit causes traceback
15:33:59 <jlaska> looks like we're on to anaconda now
15:34:10 <adamw> cebbert: many/most? i thought they'd mostly been fixed by this time
15:34:47 <jlaska> in MODIFIED and awaiting testing .... let's see
15:35:10 <jlaska> I think this should stay as a blocker, not because I filed it, but because I indicated that anaconda SAVETOBUGZILLA didn't work as a result of this bug
15:35:18 <adamw> well, zootboy said he was still having the problem after it went MODIFIED
15:36:07 <jlaska> against F-11 ... I think we'd want to see the failure on Alpha (or newer)
15:36:18 <jlaska> another note ... jgranado isn't working these issues anymore iirc
15:36:25 <jlaska> ddumas: should this be reassigned?
15:36:37 <ddumas> jlaska, yes Joel is gone
15:36:38 <Oxf13> most certainly
15:36:46 <adamw> "I've taken care of the exception in the error reporting code, which just leaves the real bug to solve. "
15:36:47 <adamw> comment #1
15:36:47 <adamw> tht sounds like the SAVETOBUGZILLA problem
15:36:49 <ddumas> jlaska, but that one is modified right?
15:36:51 <adamw> jlaska: nope, he tested against the alpha
15:36:57 <adamw> "I did test it with the alpha, I said so in my comment above. Would you like the
15:36:57 <adamw> bug report from it?  "
15:37:11 <jlaska> adamw: right, but he supplied the backtrace from f-11
15:37:22 <adamw> and in his previous comment, "I got this bugreport from the F11 install, but I have confirmed that the bug exists in the F12 alpha release as well"
15:37:29 <jlaska> yeah
15:37:32 <adamw> we can ask for the f12 backtrace, but it seems pretty clear he hit the bug in alpha
15:37:41 <jlaska> so, I vote to keep it on, and bump it out of MODIFIED
15:37:44 <adamw> vote we ask him to test again with beta
15:37:48 <adamw> and yes, keep it on
15:38:05 <jlaska> #agreed keep 493058 on the blocker list
15:38:13 <adamw> i'll do the change
15:38:16 <jlaska> #agreed move 493058 back to ASSIGNED and request retesting against Beta
15:38:32 <jlaska> adamw: thank you
15:38:34 <jlaska> next up ...
15:38:36 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=503149
15:38:37 <buggbot> Bug 503149: medium, low, ---, anaconda-maint-list, NEW, Add features to Anaconda to aid installation on Apple computers
15:38:40 <ddumas> just assigned to dlehman
15:38:47 <jlaska> too late for features ... beep!
15:39:11 <ddumas> and there seems to be a workaround
15:39:14 <adamw> yeah, seems non-blocker-y
15:39:33 <Oxf13> punt.
15:39:46 <jlaska> ddumas: what was the workaround for this one?
15:39:51 <adamw> call out the kicking team
15:40:21 <ddumas> comment 11
15:40:26 <jlaska> #agreed 503149 not a release blocker ... workaround exists
15:40:28 <jlaska> ddumas: just saw it ... thx
15:40:42 <jlaska> #info workaround noted in https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=503149#c11
15:40:44 <buggbot> Bug 503149: medium, low, ---, anaconda-maint-list, NEW, Add features to Anaconda to aid installation on Apple computers
15:40:55 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=506013
15:40:56 <buggbot> Bug 506013: medium, low, ---, rvykydal, MODIFIED, liveinst crash - DBusException ... No such property HwAddress
15:41:18 <jlaska> based on the feedback we got on this, I think this qualifies as a blocker
15:41:27 <jlaska> it's specific to having more than 1 partition on a USB stick when doing a live install
15:41:58 <jlaska> wait ... signals crossed ... nm
15:42:15 <ddumas> looks like it "just" needs retest
15:42:31 <jlaska> yup
15:42:44 <jlaska> harald and warren both have hit this ... so hopefully then can pitch in
15:43:02 <adamw> i'm worried about Connor's comment
15:43:19 <jlaska> comment#7 ?
15:43:23 <adamw> he's hitting essentially the same bug but on a different system to everyone else, and the initially-found workaround doesn't work for him
15:43:25 <adamw> no, #5
15:43:54 <adamw> i'd like to know whether the fix works for him specifically, and if not (but does for everyone else) we should get him to file a new bug so we don't lose his problem
15:44:19 <jlaska> yeah I think that's fair ... I'd like to see it split out to a different issue if his problem remains
15:44:44 <jlaska> summary? ... keep it on the blocker list, request retesting from reporters (including conner)?
15:45:38 <adamw> yup
15:46:07 <jlaska> #agreed 506013 remains on the blocker list.
15:46:17 <jlaska> #agreed 506013 patches are included in F-12-Beta ... needs retesting
15:46:37 <jlaska> #info if Connor's issue remains, it will be filed as a new bug
15:46:45 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=515441
15:46:47 <buggbot> Bug 515441: high, low, ---, rvykydal, MODIFIED, Can't select local CD/DVD after provide a wrong NFS location during install of F12 alpha
15:47:12 <jlaska> this is one in a series of UI quirks related to the repo setup dialogs in anaconda
15:47:20 <jlaska> currently in MODIFIED awaiting retest by lili
15:47:53 <jlaska> on the surface I would say this is triggered by introducing a failure, and attempting to recover
15:48:06 <jlaska> easy to avoid ... but I worry about the repo setup UI ... it's a bit rough for F-12
15:48:09 <jlaska> ddumas: what's your take?
15:49:21 <jlaska> I'd vote to keep it on the list, fix is already in just needing verification
15:49:41 <jlaska> if any new issues come out of these dialogs, they won't get a pass ... they'd also have to be reviewed
15:50:06 <jlaska> #info triggered by providing incorrect NFS server:/path, and attempting to recover
15:50:08 <adamw> i'm happy either way on this one, don't care if it comes off or stays on
15:50:33 <jlaska> okay ... unless any other objections ... it will stay were it lays
15:51:03 <jlaska> #agreed 515441 remains on the blocker list.  Needs retesting to confirm problem is resolved.
15:51:10 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=517260
15:51:11 <buggbot> Bug 517260: medium, low, ---, dlehman, MODIFIED, liveinst fails at partitioning screen
15:51:32 <jlaska> this is the issue I was testing w/ dlehman yesterday
15:51:42 <jlaska> I confirmed the fix in a patch provided
15:51:53 <jlaska> but this will need testing against the official anaconda-12.39 build
15:52:12 <jlaska> #info this is specific to any USB live install's where the USB stick has more than 1 partition
15:52:45 <jlaska> I'd vote to keep it
15:52:56 <adamw> sure
15:53:21 <jlaska> #agreed 517260 remains on the list.  Verification of fix against anaconda-12.39 needed.
15:53:28 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=517491
15:53:29 <buggbot> Bug 517491: medium, medium, ---, dcantrell, ASSIGNED, Anaconda fails if filesystem should be shrunk
15:53:43 <jlaska> oh I hate the 'shrink' filesystem feature
15:53:57 <adamw> it's fairly important, though.
15:54:02 <jlaska> it works in only perfect conditions
15:54:17 <jlaska> so .. the bug ...
15:54:33 <adamw> ah. see comment #14
15:54:51 <jlaska> common_bug material
15:54:55 <adamw> david wants to make sure a release note is in
15:55:05 <adamw> actually this is more release notes stuff
15:55:08 <jlaska> err, does it matter which
15:55:09 <jlaska> okay
15:55:37 <jlaska> looks like david set the fedora_release_note flag
15:55:41 <adamw> however...i'm a bit concerned about comments 12 to 13
15:55:55 <jlaska> that's what I mean
15:55:59 <jlaska> shrink rarely works
15:56:02 <adamw> they don't seem to match up particularly with david's comment...unless _every_ filesystem liam and he tested happened to have errors
15:56:47 <jlaska> their failure is different from the reported no?
15:56:54 <jlaska> reported issue is "Filesystem check failed"
15:57:03 <jlaska> Liam is seeing "resize failed: 1"
15:57:08 <jlaska> and david is talking about "format failed: 4"
15:57:44 <adamw> right
15:57:47 <adamw> there seems to be a lot of discordance going on here
15:57:51 <jlaska> we either need to clear out our expectations around how shrink should work
15:58:20 <jlaska> #info Current shrink test case - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Testcase_Anaconda_autopart_(shrink)_install
15:58:39 <jlaska> ddumas: can you help bring some clarity to this bug?
15:58:59 <ddumas> will try to catch David today
15:59:10 <jlaska> david indicates he'd like a release note, but there are a few other shrink issues also nestled into this one bug
15:59:16 <adamw> i've added a comment
15:59:18 <jlaska> curious if we need to split this out into several bugs
15:59:24 <jlaska> adamw: thx
15:59:36 <ddumas> you're specifically concerned about whether this happens in general or when fs failures occur right?
15:59:40 <adamw> i vote leave on the list for now, at least till we have a better evaluation
15:59:49 <jlaska> adamw: no objections
15:59:56 <jlaska> ddumas: yeah, that's the case
16:00:04 <adamw> ddumas: yes, and specifically whether the info provided by miroslav actually matches with what david's talking about, it doesn't seem to
16:00:13 <ddumas> ok
16:00:48 <jlaska> #agreed 517491 remains on the list.  Awaiting additional clarification as to whether reported failure match the assessment of the problem.
16:00:53 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=524168
16:00:53 <jlaska> another oldie
16:00:54 <buggbot> Bug 524168: high, low, ---, hdegoede, MODIFIED, Wrong RAID10 recognition in anaconda while dmraid shows correct values
16:01:35 <jlaska> looks like hansg has been closely working this issue
16:01:44 <jlaska> specific to detection of RAID sets on promise adapters
16:02:14 <jlaska> looks like verification of the needed by the reporter now
16:02:57 <jlaska> I'd like to leave this on the list, awaiting feedback from reporter ... objections?
16:03:13 <adamw> yeah, it's a bit borderline but they have a nice handle on it
16:03:27 <ddumas> btw, this is dmraid rather than anaconda
16:03:54 <adamw> ddumas: btw, secondary consideration on 517491: it seems logical to me that if we know what error message shows up when the resizing fails because of filesystem errors, *anaconda* should tell the user that. they're a hell of a lot more likely to catch the explanation that way than in the release notes.
16:04:26 <ddumas> i'll add it to the list ;-)
16:04:26 <jlaska> #agreed 524168 remains on the list ... awaiting verification from reporter
16:04:39 <ddumas> good point adam
16:04:43 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=525924
16:04:45 <buggbot> Bug 525924: medium, low, ---, rvykydal, NEW, anaconda 12.30 does not support NFS iso install
16:05:10 <jlaska> Liam replied this morning to confirm that the problem is resolved
16:05:18 <jlaska> I think we can move this to CLOSED RAWHIDE
16:05:26 <adamw> yay
16:05:35 <ddumas> woo!
16:05:39 <jlaska> 1 down
16:05:40 <jlaska> :)
16:06:00 <jlaska> #info Liam tested this issue overnight and confirmed that the reported problem is fixed
16:06:52 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=526549
16:06:54 <buggbot> Bug 526549: medium, low, ---, dcantrell, ASSIGNED, rats_install kickstart fails due to swap device prompt
16:07:33 <jlaska> I need to circle back w/ wwoods on the rats_install patch dcantrell posted to this issue
16:08:02 <jlaska> I think we should keep this on the list and await retesting ... based on comment#3
16:08:20 <jlaska> I think it still applied if you s/RHEL6/Fedora/
16:08:43 <jlaska> plus, I'd like to see the autoqa rats_install test completely pass for a change
16:08:56 <adamw> except that Fedora has no customers =)
16:08:57 <adamw> but yep, I agree
16:09:03 <jlaska> it's got users baby!
16:09:16 <adamw> it has *members*!
16:09:21 <adamw> </pr drone>
16:09:32 <jlaska> point ... adamw
16:09:33 <jlaska> :)
16:09:53 <jlaska> #agreed 526549 remains on the list ... awaiting retest and a patch against autoqa/rats_install.py
16:10:11 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=526697
16:10:12 <buggbot> Bug 526697: medium, medium, ---, dlehman, MODIFIED, Trying to change encryption status of partition ends with error message: The mount point "" is in use. Please pick another
16:10:40 <jlaska> I tested this as an updates.img and confirmed the fix ... looks like I need to get crackin' with testing against rawhide
16:11:07 <adamw> alright
16:11:11 <jlaska> this is really annoying though when the problem existed
16:11:20 <adamw> man, this 'james laska' dude is really bogging down the blocker list ;)
16:11:25 <jlaska> so I'd like to keep it ... basically any time you try to edit an existing partition in anaconda ... it won't let you
16:11:35 <jlaska> adamw: yeah, yeah ;)
16:11:55 <jlaska> so in terms of blocker, I think this holds its own
16:12:10 <jlaska> in terms of the tester ... he needs some improvements
16:12:36 <adamw> file a blocker bug on the tester
16:12:42 <adamw> http://bugzilla.laska.org/
16:12:56 <jlaska> bz was used as someone's task list a while back
16:13:04 <jlaska> aaanyway
16:13:38 <jlaska> #agreed 526697 makes edits on existing partitions really unpleasant ... remains on the blocker list, awaiting retesting by jlaska
16:13:43 * jlaska should have used # action more
16:13:48 <jlaska> I set needinfo? jlaska on that bug
16:13:57 <jlaska> okay ... just over an hour in
16:14:05 <jlaska> want to keep going through the remaining anaconda bugs
16:14:10 <jlaska> or stop now?
16:14:18 <adamw> keep going
16:14:34 <ddumas> go on..
16:14:42 <jlaska> alrighty ... adamw you wanna drive, I'm going to have a stop @ 12:40
16:14:52 <jlaska> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=526699
16:15:47 <adamw> does #11 negate #10's needinfo request?
16:16:01 <jlaska> you read faster than me :)
16:16:20 <adamw> no, i just skip bits =)
16:16:35 <jlaska> re: comment#11 ... seems so
16:17:02 <adamw> ah, peter is agreeing with the second part of comment #10 , i.e. that the implemented fix isn't right yet
16:17:03 <jlaska> is udev or anaconda responsible for /lib/udev/rules.d/70-anaconda.rules
16:17:09 <ddumas> dlehman sent a patch for review
16:17:21 <adamw> anaconda, I believe
16:17:27 <ddumas> should be ready today
16:17:27 <ddumas> anaconda
16:17:28 <adamw> rpm -qf /lib/udev/rules.d/70-anaconda.rules should tell you
16:17:39 <adamw> anyway, is it a blocker? i vote yes
16:17:40 * jlaska doesn't install anaconda ... but yes, it would
16:17:57 <jlaska> still fuzzy on the reproducer ... but no objections
16:18:02 <ddumas> i vite yes
16:18:07 <ddumas> vote even
16:18:12 <adamw> ddumas: does the patch address part #1 of the concerns in comment 10 as well as part #2?
16:18:34 <jlaska> #agreed 526699 remains on the blocker list ... additional patch work/review in progress on anaconda-devel-list
16:20:11 <ddumas> adamw, I believe the patch is for all of comment 10
16:20:14 <adamw> jlaska: am I taking over now?
16:20:16 <adamw> ddumas: great
16:20:33 <adamw> jlaska: if so, what's the URL for the component-sorted list?
16:20:37 <jlaska> adamw: got for it
16:20:42 <jlaska> adamw: it's at the top ...
16:20:53 <adamw> ? top of what?
16:21:05 <cwickert> http://tinyurl.com/yk9wehr
16:21:17 <jlaska> cwickert: thx
16:21:18 <adamw> ah k
16:21:27 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=527258
16:21:29 <buggbot> Bug 527258: low, low, ---, rvykydal, MODIFIED, When using NFS installation source - Cannot retrieve repository metadata for respository: UIedited_0.
16:22:09 <adamw> another one for that laska guy to test
16:22:15 <jlaska> waiting on retest from a certain jlaska character, huh?
16:22:26 <jlaska> #action jlaska needs to retest several bugs
16:22:55 <adamw> i agree to keep it as a blocker, anyone else?
16:22:56 <ddumas> looks ike it also needs updated nfs to retest
16:23:30 <jlaska> ddumas: is this updated nfs ... or related to he repository error message?
16:23:42 <jlaska> oh ... radek says he can't test due to the nfs issue
16:23:44 <adamw> jlaska: i think she's referring to the last comment
16:23:45 <adamw> yep
16:23:54 <Oxf13> keep it
16:24:00 <ddumas> jlaska, rvykydal couldnt test because of nfs problem - looks ike steved has fix
16:24:01 <adamw> ok, it's kept
16:24:03 <adamw> #agreed 527258 stays as blocker, needs retesting from jlaska
16:24:14 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=527520
16:24:15 <buggbot> Bug 527520: medium, urgent, ---, anaconda-maint-list, MODIFIED, post-install lxde system boots in text mode
16:24:51 <ddumas> are we ok wit that as a blocker so clumens can add his fix?
16:25:07 <adamw> absolutely, i'd want to have the fix for that tagged in
16:25:24 <adamw> having one of our official spins boot to text mode on a default install is Not Good :)
16:25:42 <jlaska> #info having one of our official spins boot to text mode on a default install is Not Good :)
16:25:42 <adamw> agree/disagree?
16:25:45 <cwickert> +1
16:25:49 * cwickert needs it
16:25:56 <jlaska> I was unclear where the line was on "official" ... but that's probably my misunderstanding
16:26:03 <ddumas> ok, will update bz and ask him to add fix
16:26:22 <cwickert> and it not only affects the lxde spin but everything != kdm and gdm
16:26:28 <jlaska> right
16:26:30 <cwickert> so imo it should be fixed, thanks
16:26:32 <adamw> afaik LXDE is one of the official spins that gets released in line with all the other bits of f12, right? not a separate thing like the Moblin live CD or whatever
16:26:43 <cwickert> adamw: right
16:26:48 <adamw> ok
16:26:48 <jlaska> who builds it?
16:26:51 <cwickert> but it will also affect the mopblin remix
16:26:55 <cwickert> jlaska: me
16:27:19 <cwickert> jlaska: or did you mean the anaconda fix?
16:27:22 <adamw> i think we're agreed, here, anyway - it stays on the blocker list and anaconda team gets the fix tagged in
16:27:24 * cwickert does the lxde soin
16:27:32 <jlaska> no, I meant the live ISO
16:27:39 <jlaska> adamw: sorry, I wasn't in agreement on this
16:27:44 <jlaska> but needing clarification
16:27:49 <cwickert> jkeating I guess, we only provide the ks
16:28:26 <jlaska> ah, perfect
16:28:32 <adamw> jlaska: ah sorry
16:28:32 <jlaska> I wasn't clear if these bits were provided by release engineering ... or just someone's private spin
16:28:32 <Oxf13> LXDE is an "official" spin
16:28:37 <jlaska> not meant to downgrade LXDE in anyway ... just wanted clarification
16:28:41 <jlaska> cool, thx gang
16:28:41 <cwickert> no problem
16:28:46 <jlaska> adamw: sorry, go ahead
16:29:32 <adamw> ok
16:29:49 <adamw> #agreed 527520 is a blocker and fix should be tagged into F12
16:30:00 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=527952
16:30:01 <buggbot> Bug 527952: medium, medium, ---, dlehman, MODIFIED, AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'disk'
16:30:50 <adamw> another one that needs confirmation
16:31:41 <adamw> blocker list addition was done by assignee so i suggest we go with it
16:31:48 <adamw> unless we have a compelling reason not to
16:31:57 <adamw> er, fix needs confirmation*
16:32:33 <jlaska> anaconda-12.39 *just* landed today iirc ... or hasn't landed yet
16:32:54 <jlaska> but yeah, needs retesting
16:33:03 <adamw> any objections to keeping it a blocker?
16:33:03 <jlaska> nice, looks like bz fallout from the RAID test day
16:33:13 <jlaska> noe
16:33:14 <jlaska> nope
16:33:20 <Oxf13> keep it
16:33:36 <adamw> #agreed 527952 stays a blocker, fix confirmation testing requested from reporter
16:33:39 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=528317
16:33:41 <buggbot> Bug 528317: high, low, ---, anaconda-maint-list, MODIFIED, anaconda traceback in getDefaultTimeZone KeyError en_AU
16:34:33 <ddumas> clumens has patch - are we ok to add to f12?
16:35:08 <jlaska> iirc this was just that en_AU wasn't available in the UI (but selected in kickstart)?
16:35:17 <adamw> this seems slightly tricky
16:35:29 <adamw> clumens didn't want to include the change as it's quite a big one...can you detail that a bit more?
16:35:33 <adamw> how likely is it to cause regressions?
16:35:57 <ddumas> would want to test on side before adding if we go that route I think
16:36:23 <adamw> and the impact is that anyone doing an upgrade install on a system set to any locale not in the table in comment #7 gets failure?
16:36:32 <adamw> is that *any* upgrade install or just preupgrade?
16:36:57 <ddumas> last comment says clean install
16:37:18 <adamw> owch.
16:37:37 <adamw> i think breaking clean install for anyone who selects Australia as their locale is sufficient to warrant a fix...
16:37:48 <adamw> we should probably confirm that impact independently first though
16:37:48 <adamw> who wants to fire up a KVM? :)
16:38:45 <jlaska> it wasn't selectable when I tried to test this last time ... wasn't that part of the fix?
16:39:25 <adamw> reporter was on a live CD...i'd say test again with f12 beta live
16:40:31 <adamw> i would propose we test a bit more to get the exact impact of this issue, then decide whether it's serious enough to warrant the invasive patch
16:40:51 <jlaska> my testing plate is full ... so put a # help call out
16:40:56 <jlaska> but I agree
16:41:29 <adamw> i can do the testing as it can be done in a VM
16:41:32 <adamw> grabbing the beta live image now
16:41:37 <adamw> i'll put it as an action item for me
16:41:41 <Tech33> not wanting to interrupt, but I'm installing 32bit Fedora12 beta atm
16:42:00 <adamw> #action adamw to test impact of 528317 to see whether it should be a blocker
16:42:05 <adamw> Tech33: yep...?
16:42:18 <Tech33> haven't gotten to the point where I can choose it yet
16:42:33 <adamw> Tech33: ah - well if you feel like testing that it'd be great
16:42:39 <Tech33> locale I mean
16:42:50 <Tech33> problem is australia locale, right?
16:42:56 <adamw> it won't screw anything up permanently if you hit the bug, i don't think, you'll just have to restart the install
16:43:02 <adamw> yep - try telling it you're in Australia and see what happens
16:43:25 <adamw> #action chris campbell will also test
16:43:34 <Tech33> ta
16:43:36 <adamw> thanks a lot
16:43:54 <adamw> alright
16:43:58 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=528537
16:44:00 <buggbot> Bug 528537: medium, low, ---, steved, ASSIGNED, fails to get kickstart file over nfs.
16:44:59 <adamw> seems like this needs to be re-assigned to nfs maintainer?
16:45:02 <adamw> brb, call of nature
16:45:35 <jlaska> sorry gang, I have to step away and prep for another meeting
16:46:13 <ddumas> adamw, isnt steved the nfs maintainer? i think just component is wrong
16:47:01 <adamw> thanks jlaska, cya later
16:47:06 <adamw> ddumas: aha, point
16:47:16 <adamw> anyway, i agree with blocker status - seems like a reasonably likely installation scenario
16:47:52 <adamw> disagree? speak now or forever...:)
16:48:53 <adamw> #agreed 528537 stays as a blocker, re-assign to appropriate component (kernel)
16:50:31 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=530015
16:51:02 <adamw> saw this one reported the other day, seems like a no-brainer and very safe change, +1 blocker
16:51:07 <buggbot> Bug 530015: high, high, ---, notting, NEW, Add libvirt to Virtualization group
16:51:49 <adamw> btw, we're through all 'anaconda' component issues now :)
16:52:08 <adamw> anyone else still here or am I talking to myself?
16:53:03 <jforbes> adamw: somewhat here. ping me on virt issues
16:53:20 <Oxf13> I'm kinda here
16:53:43 <adamw> heh, ok. well i'll just truck along, stop me and buy one.
16:53:43 <Oxf13> yeah I'd say leave that as a blocker.  Not sure it should be assigned to notting though, probably should be assigned to the virt group.
16:54:15 <adamw> they'd have commit rights to comps, yes?
16:54:23 <adamw> so assign it to mark and tell him he can make the change himself?
16:54:27 <Oxf13> yep
16:54:30 <adamw> k
16:54:49 <jforbes> I can do it since markmc is probably sleeping
16:54:53 <jforbes> or at least gonef or the day
16:55:14 <adamw> jforbes: please feel free
16:55:24 <adamw> you can close the bug as fixed once the commit is done i believe
16:55:33 <jforbes> adamw: thanks
16:55:44 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=528909
16:55:46 <buggbot> Bug 528909: medium, low, ---, davidz, NEW, DevKit 95-devkit-disks.rules should avoid scan all DM devices
16:56:03 <adamw> erf...#agreed 530015 stayed as blocker, jforbes to fix
16:56:10 <adamw> #agreed 530015 stayed as blocker, jforbes to fix
16:56:11 <adamw> ok, on 528909
16:57:02 <adamw> seems reasonable, since we accepted the internal anaconda version of this bug as a blocker
16:57:47 <adamw> any -1s?
16:58:43 <adamw> #agreed 528909 stays as blocker, no action needed at present time
16:58:56 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=480593
16:58:57 <buggbot> Bug 480593: medium, low, ---, notting, NEW, Fedora 11 Virtualization Blocker
16:59:23 <adamw> i think we can close this one, it was an f11 meta blocker.
16:59:29 <Oxf13> sorry getting 8 different conversations at once :/
16:59:34 <adamw> i know that one =)
16:59:54 <adamw> any reason for keeping blocker tracker bugs from old releases open, when all the dependent bugs are closed?
17:00:17 <jforbes> nope, I think it is just recently that the dep bugs got closed
17:00:33 <adamw> alright then
17:00:59 <adamw> #agreed 480593 is an f11 tracker bug, closing
17:01:11 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=498968
17:01:16 <buggbot> Bug 498968: medium, low, ---, markmc, NEW, Fedora 12 Virtualization Target Blocker
17:01:24 <adamw> that's the f12 virt blocker, no need to deal with it directly.
17:01:47 <adamw> #agreed 498968 is f12 virt tracker bug, no need to talk about it itself
17:01:54 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=505562
17:02:03 <buggbot> Bug 505562: medium, low, ---, lvm-team, MODIFIED, kernel is booted without actived dmraid (ESB2 with lsi firmware)
17:03:39 <Oxf13> hrm.
17:03:41 <Oxf13> modified
17:04:02 <adamw> i can't get much of a handle on the bug from the discussion
17:04:25 <adamw> but comment #27 sounds reasonable - can't install on LSI BIOS RAID arrays is a good blocker criterion I reckon
17:04:48 <Oxf13> it's already tagged for final
17:04:56 <adamw> so we can just close?
17:05:03 <Oxf13> yeah, I'd say so
17:05:06 <adamw> excellent
17:05:21 <adamw> #agreed 505562 can be closed, the fixed dmraid package is already tagged into final
17:06:27 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=528097
17:06:33 <buggbot> Bug 528097: medium, low, ---, lvm-team, MODIFIED, /sbin/dmraid needs possibly unmounted /usr/lib
17:07:21 <adamw> fixed by the same dmraid, apparently
17:07:43 <adamw> we should probably ask the reporter to confirm the fix, though
17:08:10 <Oxf13> slap a NEEDSRETESTING on it
17:08:14 <adamw> yup
17:08:30 <Oxf13> that's the same dmraid build we talked about in the last bug
17:08:40 <adamw> #agreed 528097 stays on the list, fixed dmraid has been tagged into stable, need confirmation from reporter
17:08:45 <adamw> yes, as I said :)
17:10:08 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=522969
17:10:14 <buggbot> Bug 522969: medium, low, ---, esandeen, MODIFIED, ext3 superblock in future
17:11:26 <Oxf13> looks like this one has already been tested confirmed fixed
17:11:36 <Oxf13> it's a matter of we have the build tagged for rawhide or not.
17:12:19 <adamw> also, testing isn't by initial reporter
17:13:08 <adamw> http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=137342 is the build that fixes it
17:13:10 <Oxf13> take what you can get (:
17:13:12 <adamw> it's been submitted as updates-testing
17:13:25 <Oxf13> hah, we should probably pull that into the final release
17:13:49 <adamw> https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/2547 is a tag request
17:14:03 <Oxf13> oh haha
17:14:03 <adamw> but it says it's requesting a tag for updates-candidate, which doesn't seem to make sense
17:14:08 <adamw> you closed it as fixed, what exactly did you do?
17:14:17 <Oxf13> I thought I tagged it, somehow it didn't get tagged?
17:14:17 <adamw> tagged it into final ,right?
17:14:21 <adamw> oh heh :)
17:14:33 <Oxf13> the second part of the tag action failed :?
17:14:46 <adamw> i've re-opened the tag request
17:14:52 <Oxf13> and I'll re-close it
17:15:05 <adamw> so it's really tagged now? ok, closing bug
17:16:43 <adamw> #agreed 522969 has been fixed and tagged, bug closed
17:16:43 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=528038
17:16:45 <buggbot> Bug 528038: medium, low, ---, peter, ASSIGNED, Where do I enter the IRC server?
17:16:55 <adamw> I am unconvinced this is a release blocker even if no-one in the world can access IRC with empathy
17:17:03 <adamw> that doesn't strike me as significant enough to block the release for
17:17:16 <adamw> we can fix it with an update and no-one dies
17:17:26 <Oxf13> yeah, I think this should be a TARGET
17:17:40 <adamw> poelcat: want to defend yourself? :)
17:17:47 <Oxf13> happily take a fix, won't delay the release over it
17:19:19 <adamw> #agreed 528038 is not important enough to block release, dropped to f12targert
17:19:23 <poelcat> adamw: not really since its all subjective :)
17:19:40 <adamw> #topic https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=512944
17:19:46 <buggbot> Bug 512944: high, low, ---, jmccann, NEW, fast-user-switching locks up login screen
17:20:22 <adamw> this is icky
17:20:32 <adamw> i think several graphics test day bug reports may actually be this bug, too
17:21:00 <adamw> no-one seems to have stated they're testing on f12, though.
17:21:11 <Oxf13> right
17:21:14 <Oxf13> this all seems F11 folks
17:21:21 <Oxf13> not sure I'd really consider this an F12 blocker
17:21:29 <Oxf13> if it's broken in F11, can't be a regression (:
17:21:34 <adamw> oh, you're evil :)
17:21:48 <adamw> it's borderline, but on balance and given the length of the list, i'm with you
17:21:51 <adamw> drop it to target
17:22:03 <Oxf13> more seriously I haven't seen any F12 reports of it, and it seems like it could be hardware specific to vt switches
17:22:15 <Oxf13> I know for a while ATI had a vt switch crash, but that got fixed
17:22:43 <adamw> give me a couple of minutes to poke through the test day lists and see if any of the possible-dupes i vaguely remember are still open
17:27:26 <adamw> looks like...https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=522943
17:27:28 <buggbot> Bug 522943: medium, low, ---, jmccann, ASSIGNED, Fast User Switching Results in Blank Login Screen
17:27:51 <adamw> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=493492
17:27:52 <buggbot> Bug 493492: medium, low, ---, jmccann, ASSIGNED, Radeon R200 based system doesn't work correctly with fast user switching
17:27:58 <Oxf13> ATI
17:28:10 <Oxf13> that certainly could have been the VT switch crash bug
17:28:10 <adamw> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=522182
17:28:11 <buggbot> Bug 522182: medium, low, ---, xgl-maint, ASSIGNED, While doing the fastuser switching test the X window locked up
17:28:43 <Oxf13> these are also from a month ago
17:29:01 <adamw> *possibly* https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=522550
17:29:02 <buggbot> Bug 522550: medium, low, ---, xgl-maint, NEW, Unable to Fast User Switching on Radeon Video Driver
17:29:02 <Oxf13> suppose it would be worth getting the maintainer to do some verification
17:29:55 <Oxf13> I"m asking in #fedora-desktop
17:30:53 <adamw> possibly also https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=523208
17:30:54 <buggbot> Bug 523208: medium, low, ---, xgl-maint, ASSIGNED, Fast user switch and VT
17:31:35 <Oxf13> lets leave this on the blocker list, (maybe collapse all of those?)
17:31:41 <Oxf13> until we get feedback from desktop
17:31:52 <adamw> also found 522197
17:31:58 <adamw> which is closed as a dupe of https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=518792
17:31:59 <buggbot> Bug 518792: medium, low, ---, jmccann, ASSIGNED, GDM hangs up after few tries to switch user
17:32:11 <adamw> which is assigned to gdm
17:32:21 <adamw> i think that may well be the 'master bug'
17:33:07 <adamw> people have definitely seen very similar issues with radeon, nvidia and intel, so it doesn't seem driver specific
17:33:20 <adamw> i'm inclined to close all of the above as dupes of 518792 and mark that as a blocker
17:33:29 <Oxf13> seems reasonable
17:34:49 <adamw> actually, i'll use 512944 as the dupe-bug, it's the earliest report. ok, gimme a couple minutes to clean all that up now i have the links open.
17:37:44 <Oxf13> how many more bugs do we have to review today?  I still haven't had breakfast
17:39:00 <adamw> a ton
17:39:07 <adamw> if we go through the list it's going to take all day probably
17:39:16 <adamw> we can do a breakfast break :)
17:39:20 <Oxf13> ouch.
17:39:28 <Oxf13> yeah, lets do that
17:39:37 <adamw> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?bug_id=527520%2C498156%2C529209%2C517879%2C526699%2C506013%2C513864%2C529794%2C524168%2C509733%2C516057%2C523110%2C517491%2C514600%2C523768%2C520480%2C517839%2C522137%2C525924%2C520162%2C519766%2C528097%2C526697%2C519442%2C515441%2C506075%2C528005%2C528312%2C526154%2C520750%2C514000%2C521512%2C526836%2C522187%2C518962%2C527920%2C530015%2C493472%2C529363%2C518623%2C527426%2C498968%2C528038%2C527952%2C523270%2C
17:39:37 <adamw> 505562%2C493058%2C523815%2C528048%2C523800%2C503149%2C523941%2C528222%2C522929%2C524808%2C501769%2C466377%2C522970%2C529766%2C510183%2C528317%2C529225%2C526021%2C524795%2C524229%2C527048%2C527089%2C521322%2C528909%2C528537%2C514415%2C527258%2C526549%2C522969%2C512944%2C512845%2C521519%2C526044%2C528497%2C517260%2C480593&field-1-0-0=bug_id&query_format=advanced&remaction=&type-1-0-0=anyexact&value-1-0-0=527520%2C498156%2C529209%2C517879%2C526699%2C5
17:39:40 <adamw> 06013%2C513864%2C529794%2C524168%2C509733%2C516057%2C523110%2C517491%2C514600%2C523768%2C520480%2C517839%2C522137%2C525924%2C520162%2C519766%2C528097%2C526697%2C519442%2C515441%2C506075%2C528005%2C528312%2C526154%2C520750%2C514000%2C521512%2C526836%2C522187%2C518962%2C527920%2C530015%2C493472%2C529363%2C518623%2C527426%2C498968%2C528038%2C527952%2C523270%2C505562%2C493058%2C523815%2C528048%2C523800%2C503149%2C523941%2C528222%2C522929%2C524808%2C501
17:39:45 <adamw> 769%2C466377%2C522970%2C529766%2C510183%2C528317%2C529225%2C526021%2C524795%2C524229%2C527048%2C527089%2C521322%2C528909%2C528537%2C514415%2C527258%2C526549%2C522969%2C512944%2C512845%2C521519%2C526044%2C528497%2C517260%2C480593&order=map_components.name%2Cbugs.bug_id&query_based_on= is the list i'm working off
17:39:51 <adamw> OWWWCH
17:39:51 <adamw> sorry
17:39:51 <Oxf13> o_O
17:40:08 <adamw> http://tinyurl.com/yk9wehr :)
17:40:36 <adamw> we're, oh, 1/3rd through the list
17:41:14 <rjune> adamw, I thought we weren't supposed to spam the channel
17:41:44 <adamw> rjune: i didn't mean to :)
17:42:13 <Oxf13> I really hate hitting the "sleep" button instead of the - button.
17:42:22 <rjune> ugh
17:44:34 <adamw> Oxf13: poke me when you're back frm breakfast
17:44:54 <Oxf13> k
17:47:29 * adamw goes for a coffee injection
18:28:42 * tk009-12 has a nice grilled cheese and tomato sandwich and a tall glass of milk
18:30:09 <yaneti_> does erlang being somewhat broken on release  qualify as  embarassing? bug 527370
18:30:10 <buggbot> Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=527370 medium, low, ---, gemi, NEW, Needs a rebuild with fixed gcc.
18:31:18 <yaneti_> and its just a rebuild from being "fixed"
18:33:41 <Oxf13> adamw: ok, I'm not really back.  breakfast went long, and I have to get ready for an appointment.
18:37:52 <adamw> alright
18:38:02 <adamw> yaneti_: embarrassing yes, release blocker no
18:38:11 <adamw> yaneti_: but i'm sure oxf13 would accept a tag request for a fix
18:38:28 <adamw> Oxf13: i'll just run through the rest of the list myself then I guess, we can carry on in the group on friday
18:38:59 <Oxf13> adamw: I was planning on being back around 1~2pm Pacific
18:40:04 <adamw> ah ok
18:40:08 <adamw> let's do that then
18:40:12 <adamw> i'll do some other stuff and wait for ya
18:40:26 <jforbes> adamw: to cover the virt bits, 524808 and 523941 are both boot issues, so blockers. I should have fixes for both within the week
18:40:34 <adamw> thanks
18:41:46 <yaneti_> adamw: now only if someone could bump it
18:42:08 <adamw> yaneti_: any provenpackager can...ask in #fedora-devel or on the -devel list
19:30:43 <rjune> adamw, w00t
19:30:51 <rjune> at least one of the interviews went very well.
19:32:08 <adamw> cool
19:55:08 <jlaska> adamw: still going strong ... or ready for # endmeeting ?
19:55:24 <adamw> we're waiting for oxf13 to come back
19:55:27 <adamw> <Oxf13> adamw: I was planning on being back around 1~2pm Pacific
19:56:14 <Tech33> I'm having issues getting the Fedora12 beta to install here, so I'll try again at home later and let you know if that locale issue hits
20:00:19 <adamw> Tech33: ok, thanks
20:02:04 <Tech33> (kind of rediculous, but my home machine is 1000% better than our work ones :p )
21:00:24 <adamw> Oxf13: back yet?
21:08:54 <adamw> alright, ending the meeting
21:09:06 <adamw> i'll go through and do some spring cleaning on the list myself in preparation for the friday meeting
21:09:07 <adamw> thanks all who came
21:09:09 <adamw> #endmeeting